On the 12 Days of Christmas, My True Love Gave Me Nothing

On the 12 Days of Christmas, My True Love Gave Me Nothing

Geez, the 18th Century was a materialistic time. Can you imagine your true love getting you so much… stuff? Honestly, what would I do with five golden rings – race them downhill or something?

Eleven pipers and twelve drummers are just extravagant… not to mention noisy.

And seven swans, are you kidding? That’s dangerous, no joke about it.

So instead of talking about buying seven graceful murderbirds for your beloved this Christmas, let’s talk about seven chakras spinning.

Here’s an idea from Eastern religion you can take or leave.

The body, according to Hinduism, Buddhism and other faiths, contains seven energy points, or chakras.

The bottom three chakras are associated with the body – survival, power, sex and so forth.

The top three are associated with the mind – like thought, insight and connection to society.

And the middle chakra that bridges the two?

That’s all about love.

It’s a beautiful thought, whether you buy into the religion or not.

So your true love could drown you with a swarm of milkmaids…

Or your True Love could connect the material world to the mental one.

Anyway, enough about that. If you are going to buy something, it may as well enrich you. And maybe meditating is a New Year’s Resolution of yours.

If so, there’s a book you could read. Unlike this article, it steers clear of religion and mysticism. It focuses on what’s proven by science about ways to improve your mind.

It’s the perfect gift – even for yourself. Because if you learn to relax, focus and be more in touch with what matters… well, you become a gift to others.

Greater success and happiness are just a side effect.

There are many great meditation books out there. Any of them will guide you to become a better version of you. This is just like those… and it’s completely different. Read the blurb and you’ll see why:


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