On the 12th day of Christmas, my true love bridged form and soul

Geez, the 18th Century was a materialistic time. Can you imagine your true love getting you so much… stuff? Honestly, what would I do with five golden rings – race them downhill or something?

Eleven pipers and twelve drummers are just extravagant… not to mention noisy.

And seven swans, are you kidding? That’s dangerous, no joke about it.

So instead of buying over half a dozen graceful murderbirds for your beloved, let’s talk about seven chakras spinning.

Here’s an idea from Eastern religion you can take or leave.

The body, according to Hinduism, Buddhism and other faiths, contains seven energy points, or chakras.

The bottom three chakras are associated with the body – survival, power, intimacy and so forth.

The top three are associated with the mind – like thought, insight and connection to society.

And the middle chakra that bridges the two?

That’s all about love.

It’s a beautiful thought, whether you buy into the religion or not.

So your true love could drown you with a swarm of milkmaids…

Or your True Love could connect the material world to the mental one.

Like I say, you can take this idea or leave it.

Maybe it’s a literal description of our spiritual side.

Maybe it’s a metaphor for something psychological.

Or maybe it’s all ancient hokum.

Either way, it’s worth exploring. Even if it doesn’t pan out, broadening your mind always enhances it.

So you could dive into ancient texts and try to figure out the practical lessons…

Or you could take a shortcut and learn what you need.

Only the bits that align with the best and latest findings from psychology and neuroscience.

No fluff, no mystical distractions – only the parts that work.

Here’s the link:


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