17 ways to create epiphanies when you need them

Is there anything more magical and satisfying than an epiphany?

It’s less like getting a new idea and more like becoming a new person. It a moment, your brain lights up and you can see a new answer.

There’s nothing like it – it’s like raw neurological power pouring through you. When you have an epiphany of the religious variety, it’s a transformative experience, like connecting with everything in the universe.

When you invoke them to solve a problem, it’s like peeking into the future – or cheating off the answer sheet.

Answers you would never have found through research, calculation or trial-and-error burst in your brain.

I love them. They’re absolutely delightful to experience.

The only problem?

There comes a point where you have more ideas than you can bring into reality. Then, epiphanies are like a hedonic thrill – lots of pleasure, but ultimately a distraction.

That’s not a problem, though – there are worse pleasure points you could put pressure on…

Anyway, translating epiphanies into outcomes isn’t the purpose of this little spiel. When your Impact is great enough and you connect with it, that will come naturally.

And that’s the first tip to having more and better epiphanies: live up to your purpose, your vision for a better life. The creativity and insight will flow.

You’ll see around the obstacles that others have chosen to accept.

I give you that one for free and it doesn’t even count against the 17 other ways.

But assuming you want to supercharge your inner genius… and let the epiphanies really pour from your mind…

… there are a boatload of exercises you can do to stoke this fire.

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