Month: January 2018

Reconciling Australia Day and Invasion Day

Australia Day is complicated. It’s a day to celebrate everything from warm weather to freedom and prosperity. Or you see the chance to have a race riot on the beach. Then again, Invasion Day might mark the day when strangers displaced your people… and worse. It’s a celebration mixed with shame. It’s multiculturalism and xenophobia.

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What a stoner taught me about feeling energetic

I like dancing when there’s a point to it. For example, I spent many years learning swing dancing. It’s great fun because there are moves, connection, and other great stuff. But the dancing you do in nightclubs – where everyone just sort of flails around – isn’t for me. It’s feels awkward and boring. Yet

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The Hypnosis Brand

Hypnosis is polarising. Broadly speaking, there are three reactions when someone mentions hypnosis: It’s weird, evil mind control, It’s as useful as astrology – fake, mystical nonsense, It’s a fascinating piece of mental technology. All are common. Only the last is accurate. Imagine if antibiotics had the same reputation: “It’s all in the name: they

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