Month: February 2018

How Impermanence Creates Emptiness

I’ve talked about my take on the old Buddhist idea of suffering (or ‘dissatisfaction’). I view it through the lens of impermanence – if our intrinsic rewards disappear through our fingers, we can never be satisfied with reality. The third characteristic of existence – emptiness – follows a similar idea. Emptiness, also known as no-self

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5 Tips for Struggling Meditators

Understatement time: meditation is good for you. I keep browsing the literature, trying to find something that meditation doesn’t do. It’s not easy, given that you can combine meditation with other skills. If there’s something that uses your brain – and what doesn’t? – then meditation is useful. But not everyone finds meditation easy. So,

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What’s better than a free meditation guide?

Subscribers to my email list receive a free meditation guide, normally valued at US$39. But maybe you want more than that. Maybe you’ve struggled with meditation or you’re hungry for something new. If so, you’d probably be interested in my free hypnotic guided meditations. What’s the catch? No catch – i’m just here to spread

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