Hypnosis and Marketing Lessons from a Bumpy Skulled Liar

Hypnosis and Marketing Lessons from a Bumpy Skulled Liar

One of my life philosophies is that you can learn something from everyone. It’s not easy to live by. When you’re involved in hypnosis – whether as a learner, practitioner or recipient of it – you meet some colourful characters. There’s a woman who cannot give me advice – if she tried, I’d stick my fingers in my ears and run screaming. Even so, she accidentally taught me a great lesson about hypnosis and marketing.

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The Lazy Way to Find Joy, Courage and Motivation

The Lazy Way to Find Joy, Courage and Motivation

Everyone wants more of the good things. Happiness, love, charisma, success – which is your desire? Maybe you chose all of them.

Don’t worry, I’m not about to tell you of the evils of desire. If you meditation long enough, you’ll either discover that truth for yourself or you won’t. Either way, me telling you isn’t going to help things. Instead, I’ll tell you something much better.

Those things that you want more of?

Meditation will help.

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One gland to rule them all

One gland to rule them all

Imagine someone offered you a pill. This pill, they say, is a new miracle drug. If you’re a man, it boosts testosterone (in a safe and healthy way). If you’re a woman, it boosts fertility and milk production. For everyone, it improves blood pressure, and it’s sophisticated enough to lower it when it’s too high and raise it when it’s too low. It also helps you lose weight and keep it off, reduces bloating and improves your overall appearance.

Oh, and it blocks pain. Don’t worry, it’s not addictive.

Well, I hope you would scoff at them. No pill could do all of this – especially since half of it contradicts the other half. They’re selling snake oil.

But let’s say that they proved it. They have scientific studies, client testimonials, celebrity endorsements and medical experts verifying that, yes, this pill does work.

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Access Your Inner Mind by Ignoring It

Access Your Inner Mind by Ignoring It

Most meditation coaches (myself included) will tell you to direct your attention inwards. But here’s the thing – where’s the fun in doing the same thing each time? There are no wrong approaches in meditation, only those that are less likely to work. So why don’t we try to do the opposite of what everyone recommends?

If you struggle with meditation, then listen closely. The opposite of common wisdom might be exactly what you need.

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Hypnotising Clients with your Marketing Message

Hypnotising Clients with your Marketing Message

I remember when I first learned digital marketing and copywriting. When I began, I was so excited. With my hypnosis skills, surely that would give me an advantage in this field. Even without being overtly hypnotic, I would understand how to captivate people better than some mere marketer.


I have to say that good copywriting oozes hypnosis. They don’t usually call it that. Many of them would hotly deny using hypnotic principles if you asked them. But marketing and hypnosis are both forms of applied psychology. The advantage marketers have is that income correlates with skill. In other words, if you want to be rich, you have to be good.

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Bully Yourself into Better Meditation

Bully Yourself into Better Meditation

Meditation doesn’t work unless you are kind to yourself. Many would-be practitioners go astray because they’re mean to themselves. They judge. Nothing they do is good enough. They’re failing at something. Comments like these have no place in your inner dialogue at the best of times. It’s doubly true when delving into your unconscious mind.

But there is one technique from the art of bullying that makes your meditation smoother and easier. In fact, if you apply this in your life, it resolves pain and even makes you a better negotiator.

Ignore your parents and teachers with this one, because it’s the ancient art of name-calling.

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Ultimate Focus and Awareness

Ultimate Focus and Awareness

There’s a state of mind that sounds corny but is absolutely sublime. Colours are richer, sounds fascinate you and you can sense the air as it caresses every part of your skin. When people talk to you, you hear everything that they say and don’t say. It’d be overwhelming if it weren’t so pleasant.

Have a few moments like this and you’ll never doubt meditation’s benefits again.

It’s a state of hyperconnectivity and hyperawareness. Reality floods your mind in slow motion. You feel everything, which sometimes means you miss the big stuff. That’s only because you’re tuned in to the tiny things you used to ignore. In time, you learn to integrate the two together.

That’s where the magic lies.

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The Not-So-Secret Technique for Meditating Anywhere

The Not-So-Secret Technique to Meditating Anywhere

Meditation is incredibly beneficial. It’s some of the best training you can give your mind. It directly enhances your focus and mindfulness, which in turn improve everything from mood to memory. Any task that uses the brain (which is every task) benefits from regular meditation.

If you find it difficult to clear your mind, you’re not alone. Don’t use that as an excuse to give up though. Difficult things matter – they filter out the uncommitted, leaving only those with enough elf-discipline to continue. Be thankful that it’s difficult, otherwise no one would appreciate it.

Don’t use the difficulty as an excuse to struggle, though. Meditation involves clearing your mind. It does not involve stressing over whether you’re clearing your mind well enough. All it requires is that you simply be.

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The Gateway between Language and Memory

The Gateway between Language and Memory

Can you hypnotise someone without speaking to them? Of course, but it’s harder. For some reason, the spoken word – both what you are saying and how you are saying it – are intensely hypnotic. If you want to deepen your understanding of the hypnotic process, it makes sense to wonder why.

It’s almost strange how effortless it is to listen. Compared with reading words on a page, spoken words have drawbacks. There’s always background noise, no matter how quiet it may seem. Words tumble together, with your brain scrambling to figure out where the pauses are. Let alone what any of it means.

Funny – it’s almost as if your brain has serious computational power dedicated to deciphering speech. It does and it’s called the temporal lobe. And where the brain dedicates resources, hypnotists are sure to follow.

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