Dissolve Your Conscious Mind into a Creepy, Crazy Hivemind

Dissolve Your Conscious Mind into a Creepy, Crazy Hivemind

I’m sure this one doesn’t need explaining…

Okay, okay. I know you understand but for everyone else reading, here’s the deal. This simple habit is probably the most fun, productive, healthy and satisfying way to tap into unconscious material.

You already know this one, though I doubt you’ve ever thought of it quite like this.

This habit transforms your life, brings you in contact with opportunities and establishes your value.

It even influences your weight, confidence, optimism and income.

Is this the most important thing you can do to change your relationship with your unconscious mind? Maybe. It’s certainly up there.

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It’s Not Spam If You Offer Value

It’s Not Spam If You Offer Value

Here’s a free tip for you: if you’re uncomfortable about emailing people three, five or seven times a week – if not more – then get comfortable.

A while ago, my inbox became unmanageable. I went on a mass unsubscribe of gaming emails. Every time one arrived, I opted out.

I still get the occasional gaming email, from people who haven’t emailed me in years.

Don’t do this. Please, please, don’t spend years in silence. Email hard and email often. Your list should hear from you every day or two.

Isn’t that annoying? Aren’t you spamming them?

Nah, and here’s why:

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Your Thought is Your Bond

Your Thought is Your Bond

The way I (and most hypnotists) describe the unconscious mind is a hidden reservoir of power and genius. Those great ideas, those moments where you know just what to say and all of your learnings come from your unconscious.

It’s like that old myth of you only using 10% of your brain. If you could access the other 90%, you’d transform into an incredible genius.

The brain doesn’t work that way, but the mind sure does. Your unconscious is billions of times the size of your consciousness, and it’s always on. If you could use more of that power, you’d be unstoppable.

One question you might ask is, if the unconscious mind knows all the answers, then why do we struggle? Why do we only have occasional flashes of insight, rather than living in perpetual states of superhuman genius?

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Avoid these Obvious Email Mistakes (That Even Professionals Somehow Make)

Avoid these Obvious Email Mistakes (That Even Professionals Somehow Make)

If the thought of using emails to sell intimidates you, don’t worry. The good news is that if you screw up email marketing, you’re in good company.

You can even get decent results if you make these mistakes, apparently. I wouldn’t know – I was lucky enough to receive some excellent training before I started dabbling.

Even without this training, I like to think I’d avoid some of these. The biggest screw-ups seem obvious to me. Based on what pollutes my inbox (temporarily, before I race towards the unsubscribe link), even some experts need a little schooling on this.

Don’t think of this as a rant. Think of it as a list of things to avoid doing.

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Think With Your Hands, Not With Your Brain

Think With Your Hands, Not With Your Brain

Mind and body is one of the classic pairs of opposites. It’s up there with ‘good and evil’ and ‘light and dark’. Like most other dichotomies, it’s not a clean distinction. There is evil within good and there is light among the shadows.

And, yes, your mind and body exist within each other too.

Because the mind relies on the brain.

(I know some spiritualists take offense at that – “but what about my immortal, intangible soul!” If you chemically alter the brain, it changes the mind. Your mind might seem mystical but it’s a physical thing like anything else.)

And it relies on more than just your brain.

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The Only Digital Marketing Funnel You Need

The Only Digital Marketing Funnel You Need


Hold on, gimme a sec…

If there’s one thing digital marketers love, it’s funnels. It’s all they talk about. And it’s all some of them try to sell you.

Me? The thought of pointlessly complicated setups makes me queasy. Even writing the headline above made me ill. It’s gotten to the point where I’m allergic to… that phrase.

(I’m not writing it again).

The point of them is to guide a customer towards making a buying decision. They start with simple, low-commitment calls to action, like offering a reward in exchange for their email address. Over time, the offers become higher scale and more ambitious.

And they work great.

So why do they turn my stomach?

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Invite a Little More Fear, Pain and Uncertainty

Invite a Little More Fear, Pain and Uncertainty

Do you understand what pleasure and pain really are?

You might, but most people don’t. They see pleasure as ‘good’ and pain as something to avoid at all costs.

You might think that doesn’t describe you, so let me ask you this:

How comfortable is your life?

Comfort is great – don’t get me wrong. It’s nice to put your feet up and not have to worry for a moment. Constant discomfort drains your mental reserves, so you can feel good about relaxing.

But what happens if you’re too relaxed and comfortable?

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SEO Strategies that Won’t Turn to Lead Overnight

SEO Strategies that Won’t Turn to Lead Overnight

Search engine optimization used to have different rules. Google and similar sites want to match the user to the best set of webpages, but the way they do that has changed.

It used to be simple to trick search engines into thinking your site was better than it was. After all, search engines use algorithms to rank sites. Knowing what information they used made it easy to game the system.

In some cases, that’s not so bad. Google punishes pages with poor spelling, so it encourages sites to write readable text. That’s a win for everyone.

But there were other metrics. One of the classic ones was the number of backlinks. The idea was if lots of pages link to yours, then yours must be good. It must be informative, entertaining or valuable, otherwise no one would bother.

And that’s true.

The problem came when people knew this and started artificially increasing their backlinks.

That’s why article directories were so popular a while ago. These were large sites with content submitted from thousands of writers. If you submitted your own articles, they’d point back to your site.

Many links from a high-traffic page meant an SEO bonanza.

But search engines want to return good results, not cooked results. Years ago, they shifted emphasis away from backlinks to other metrics. A whole SEO strategy turned from gold to lead overnight.

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If at First You Do Succeed, Think Now and Remember

If at First You Do Succeed, Think Now and Remember

Right now, think of something you want. It might be a state of mind, like peace or confidence. It might be a result, like good relationships or business success.

Whatever it is, choose something now.

Our desires are strange things. In a way, they are like addictions. We don’t desire things that we’ve never experienced but, once we get a taste, we want to come back for more.

Wait a minute, you might say, how does that work? I want to be a millionaire but I’ve never been rich before.

I get it. But let me ask you this:

If you became a millionaire right now, how would that feel? Would that create a sense of security? What about power, indulgence or freedom?

Those are your true desires. Millions of dollars are one way of reaching them.

And everyone has experienced a little of the good things in life – power, love, pleasure, stability, family, freedom, safety and so on.

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A Layperson’s Guide to Not Mastering SEO

A Layperson’s Guide to Not Mastering SEO

If you read about digital marketing, it won’t take long to come across search engine optimisation (SEO). People describe it as the Holy Grail, the lynchpin, the foundation of all your marketing endeavours.

It’s something they tell you to master, otherwise you’re doomed to failure.

I don’t agree.

Is it important?

Well, yeah. SEO is about making your website friendly for search engines like Google. Search engines use many factors in deciding how to return results to a user. If your website is irrelevant or low quality, search engines will tend to ignore it.

So you need to know enough optimisation to show up in results.

Don’t worry – it’s not much.

And you don’t need any so-called technical skills.

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