Halloween needs more weird plays and magic potions

Halloween needs more weird plays and magic potions

Modern Halloween evolved out of the Celtic festival of Samhain. Over time, it kept most of the cool bits of the holiday:

People would don costumes, go around the village and recite verses for food. Sure, the verses were probably more complex than shouting “trick or treat!” – but we live in the Twitter age and who has time for verses.

They would commune with the souls of the dead, appeasing them with whatever offerings they could spare.

And I’m sure there was a lot of fear. When 90% of your economy comes from agriculture, the start of winter must be a terrifying time.

But there’s an old Samhain practice which, although it still exists today, is far more niche than dressing up and sugar bingeing.

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The real appeal of Halloween – and how to keep it from breaking you

The real appeal of Halloween - and how to keep it from breaking you

What’s the deal with Halloween? Or scary movies, bungee jumping, rollercoasters…

Those are all popular things. It’s not pleasant to feel your stomach drop from underneath you and yet we can’t resist it. Why is fear fun?

We humans are strange creatures. We’ll draw pleasure from anything under the right circumstances. Fear and guilt stimulate our reward centres – that’s why they’re such terrible motivational tools.

But why do they feel pleasurable at all? Surely the early hominid who liked feeling terrified got a little too close to a tiger. And that’s the strange paradox of terror. It drives us away from things and we like it.

Punishment and reward all in one.

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Exorcise your deadly ghost emotions

Exorcise your deadly ghost emotions

Every story, myth and fantasy reflects something about us. We wrote these stories to express something in our nature.

Like how werewolves reflect the uncontrollable beast within. We wear civilized facades that shatter on schedule.

And ghosts have issues so unresolved, not even death can wipe the slate clean.

The dead might not have unfinished business, but we sure do. We experience something and we learn from it. Then we forget the experience – and even that we didn’t used to think this way.

It’s great when the lesson is a healthy one. It just becomes part of who you are.

It’s not so great when the lesson doesn’t serve you.

When I was young, two of my teachers verbally berated me. One was crazy, the other didn’t like me – although I didn’t know either at the time. I was impressionable enough it warped my view of myself and how I fit into the world.

Then I grew up. I haven’t seen either teacher since the 20th Century. They could be retired or dead now, who knows. Still, I carried the emotion with me for a long time. Maybe I still do. It’s a ghost lesson from dead experiences.

It took self-hypnosis and a lot of introspection to join the dots. My mind was open enough to see how this ghost still caused pain and stupid decisions.

Then I used self-hypnosis to clear it out.

Well, most of it. I’m choosing to take it slow. I could banish this ghost emotion in one intense session. Or I could slowly tease it out and see what it’s made of.

I have options. Resolve it quickly or resolve it slowly? Who cares, so long as it resolves.

Even if your childhood was joyous, your emotional landscape is full of gunk. Is that a bad thing? Maybe, maybe not. You could lead a rich and fulfilling life without ever dealing with this stuff.

But if you ever catch yourself acting irrationally…

Or making the same mistakes again and again…

Or you feel blocked from your own potential…

… then your mind has unfinished business. So finish it and see what you’re really capable of.

Ghostbusting might not be easy, but it’s never not worth it.

Grab everything you need here:


Photo by Gabriel on Unsplash

Little green wisdom from little green people

Little green wisdom from little green people

Indulge me for a moment and remember something for me. Think back to when you last made a radical change in your life. Maybe you got a new job, entered a relationship or “just” cleaned out your house for the first time in years.

Radical change isn’t always worth bragging about. Sometimes it’s the seemingly little things that we needed all along.

Anyway, as you think about it, you might notice a point where your thinking shifted. It’s often hard to describe how it changed, only that it did. You don’t have to label things though – this isn’t that sort of exercise.

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Why everyone should praise Satan

Why everyone should praise Satan

Stop me if this becomes blasphemous.

Or maybe don’t. It’s almost Halloween, after all. A little bit of sacrilege is good for your soul.

When Lucifer was banished from heaven, he fell. He was an angel, and then he wasn’t. Wings clipped, halo revoked and nothing but an eternity of prodding bad folks to look forward to.

No one feels for Satan. Change the details and that story would create waves of sympathy, but there’s something about being the Prince of Darkness that turns people against you.

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Beat thought-ninjas with consciousness-samurai

Beat thought-ninjas with consciousness-samurai

Aren’t our minds supposed to be on our side? Sometimes it doesn’t seem like it. They take little shots and snipes at us as we try our best, darn it, and their backseat driving doesn’t help. I’m talking about those voices that whisper (and sometimes scream) things we’d never dare say to another person.

They’re like ninjas popping out of the shadows, only to disappear once you turn around.

See, the ninjas from history developed their tactics to beat samurai. Samurai had the best weapons, armour and training. They could win any fair fight.

Unfair fights, thought?

They could lose those hard.

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Like garlic for emotional vampires

Like garlic for emotional vampires

If you want to do anything well – whether it’s launch a new business, raise a family or simply be happy – then you need to manage your energy. I’m lucky enough to explode with energy. I’ve worked on it so it’s not all chance, but I won’t deny the role that luck plays in it.

After all, a minor health wriggle can throw your energy levels into a spin.

Or a short conversation can leave you bouncing.

Energy isn’t fragile as such, but it does deserve protecting. And given that there are people who want to wreck your reservoir, you need to fight back.

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Why zombies and angels are secretly unhappy

Why zombies and angels are secretly unhappy

There are three kinds of people in the world: zombies, angels and wizards. And only one group of them are happy.

I’m not talking about how often they smile. Plenty of zombies will chuck a grin while roasting brains on a barbecue. I’m talking about that deep, real happiness that makes you smile when you’re alone.

The truth is that zombies are miserable and so are angels. Fulfilled people fill the ranks of the wizards. Everyone else lives lives of quiet desperation.

Assuming the word “lives” applies here…

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Avoid horrible hallucinations this Halloween

Avoid horrible hallucinations this Halloween

You know what they say about abysses and what happens when you stare into them. The mind’s the same way, so why not use Halloween as an excuse to take a peek.

Go on, you know you want to…

Why is now the perfect time to dive into hardcore meditation?

Because mind training is terrifying.

All the ghouls and goblins don’t have anything on what’s inside your unconscious. Your mind is full of twisting, wriggling thoughts that you just aren’t ready for. Deep enough meditation turns off the safety, pulls back the veil and exposes what’s there.

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The scariest thing (and how to avoid it this Halloween)

The scariest thing (and how to avoid it this Halloween)

The scariest thing isn’t a ghost, vampire or werewolf. It isn’t a crazed and starved cannibal. And it certainly isn’t the latest meme, pop culture reference or anything sexy.

No one will dress up as this. Maybe because it’s too unsettling, or maybe it’s too difficult to explain your costume. Even so, it’ll stalk you through the shadows and the light. You won’t be able to escape it.

It’s there when you’re alone.

It’s there when you’re getting drunk at a party.

You can’t even save yourself by spending time with friends and loved ones. (That may spook it off or distract it, but it won’t go away.)

This terrifying creature doesn’t need fangs to cripple you. It doesn’t need tentacles to tie you down.

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