How to learn something no one ever taught

How to learn something no one ever taught

If you knew you were guaranteed to succeed, what would you do? That might be the biggest question I’ve ever heard. As such, it demands the biggest answer. Whatever your gut instinct is -the first thing that pops into your mind – go with that.

Then go beyond it.

Your dream might be to win gold at the Olympics, start a family or write a book that sells millions of copies. Take whatever you think, savour the feeling, then magnify it.

Remember, you are guaranteed to succeed. Don’t settle for mere Olympic glory – you could become the greatest champion in history.

You could start a family. Or you could start an amazing family who inspire each other every day. Why not choose to have the best family in the world?

Would you rather a book that sells millions or one that heals the world (and you, too)?

Take the hypothetical to its limits. If you’re guaranteed to succeed, what would you do?

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Think hypnosis is the devil’s work? Take it up with the pope

Think hypnosis is the devil’s work? Take it up with the pope

There are folk out there who call hypnosis the devil’s work. The logic behind it – assuming logic comes into play, that is – is anything that removes free will is evil. The ability to choose is a gift from God, so it’s wrong to deny that to anyone.

A sound argument. There are only a few major problems with it. Problems so severe Pope Pius XII endorsed hypnosis over 60 years ago.

And you know the Catholic Church – they tend not to endorse stuff without thinking it through.

The problems with the “devil’s work” argument are:

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If you’re not sober, you’re not going into a hypnotic trance

If you’re not sober, you’re not going into a hypnotic trance

At least, not with my help, you aren’t. I mean, sure, it might happen if I’m showing off at a party. Or if I’m performing on stage. But some people have told me they’ve been getting a little chemical help just before seeing a hypnotist.

Alcohol and marijuana would help most people enter a trance, no doubt. Despite this – and because of this – I wouldn’t want any of my clients to be in chemically altered states.

Here’s why:

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What if you’re not addicted to smoking?

What if you’re not addicted to smoking?

Many smokers struggle to quit. They give it a go but go back to it. There are thousands of reasons to quit – your health is on the line, it drains money, you want to be there for your family, people pity smokers…

But it only takes one reason for people to fall back into it.

I get smoking is a hard thing to stop doing.

What if it’s not like they say it is, though?

People will tell you it’s an addiction. Nicotine does strange things to your neurochemistry. Cutting off the supply messes with the very foundations of your mind…!

Eh, I’m not convinced that’s true.

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Not the psychopath advantage you’re thinking of

Not the psychopath advantage you’re thinking of

If I were to point out psychopaths have certain advantages over us, some of you would know what I mean. You’d nod your head, stroke your chin and say ah, yes, you have heard that CEOs are more likely to be psychopaths. They are better at making the hard choices, you’d say, because they don’t think like us.

You’d be right in saying all this. Psychopaths (probably not the homicidal variety, though) make great executives. They make tough calls without even blinking.

But that’s not what I’m talking about. This advantage goes beyond the boardroom.

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The lifehack you were doing in the womb

The lifehack you were doing in the womb

I know an ancient technique – a lifehack, if you will – that performs miracles. It posts your health – everything from your immune system to organ function to bone density. It supercharges your brain, accelerating your reasoning powers and making your memory as sharp as a blade.

This miracle technique even boosts your mood, charisma and sex life.

It improves your posture and energy levels. Oh, and your motivation too. Don’t forget your creativity, focus and ability to smile when you just want to slap an idiot.

One teensy problem: it takes a third of your life to do properly.

Okay, two teensy problems: it’s not something you can consciously control. Sure, you can stack the odds in your favour. Some nights, though, you just can’t get to sleep.

You know what it’s like. One rough night can turn you into a dysfunctional swamp zombie. A few in a row can shut you down.

After a few weeks (or months… or years…) of bad sleep, you stop noticing how bad everything is. You simply live your life at 13% capacity.

Wanting to sleep is not the same as sleeping. It’s out of your control – an unconscious process in the most literal sense.

Even if you’re out of it for eight hours a night, it doesn’t even guarantee you’re getting the right sleep. A few hours of really good deep rest can make all the difference in the world.

So you could leave it to chance and hope for the best.

Or you could influence your unconscious. Almost anyone can learn to sleep better – yes, even you. You don’t learn it out of a textbook, but something much better.

And you can try it out tonight at no charge.

Yep, you heard me right. It’s my gift to you, as long as you stumble bleary-eyed over to this little page:

Photo by Ferry Saputra on Unsplash

Go beyond mindfulness by listening to a poor meditator

Go beyond mindfulness by listening to a poor meditator

I have a Google alert for the word “meditation”. Ninety percent of it is boring, basic advice on how to get started. Nine percent is someone describing a book or painting as a meditation about something. The remaining 1% is something new and surprising.

There’s a ton of advice on how to use mindfulness at work, at play, at school, while shopping, while drinking beer…

Here’s the thing. Mindfulness is great, it improves just about everything and it’s an important mental skill.

But that’s where meditation begins, not where it ends.

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What free self-hypnosis costs you

What free self-hypnosis costs you

Good news – I can hook you up with free self-hypnosis advice. No, no, I’m not talking about the hundreds of articles on my blog. I’m talking about the engine of creation, the collective digital consciousness:

I’m talking about Wikihow!

I love that site. It’s how I learned to tie a tie and use chopsticks. And it has a few guides on hypnotising yourself. There’s even a Q&A section if you get stuck.


And I hate to criticise this pillar of global consensus…

Their advice will fail for a lot of you. Maybe even most of you.

It’s not a bad article. Honestly, the writers did a decent job with it. The problem is it focuses on a technique. Will the technique work? Maybe, if you’re one of the lucky ones. You’re more likely to give it a go, mentally flop around like a stranded fish and walk away confused.

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The true legacy of imagination

It takes true genius to imagine things. Most people can’t. They think they can because little stories play in their heads. That’s not the same thing.

I’m not judging. I don’t have Einstein’s gift of visualising physics. And I doubt he had Tesla’s, who could build and test inventions in his mind.

It’s a powerful skill, no matter what you do for a living. When you see things that aren’t real so clearly, you can make them real.

You can invent something new.

Or you can tell a story.

You put a piece of yourself out there and reshape reality.

It’s amazing when a person has so vivid a story in their mind… it can’t help but escape. Culture rises on the backs of stories like these.

And then you find those people who never stop sharing their stories. A constant flow of imagination, shattering the world and reshaping it into something better.

Those people leave a legacy. They never truly leave the world, if only because the world keeps their ideas alive.

I can’t teach you how to have such a powerful mind. What I can offer you is something, though – a tasty morsel to see you through. I can show you how to teach this to yourself.



Maybe a little curious?

Keep reading, my friend, and become the hero of your own story:

Against Humpty Dumpty

Against Humpty Dumpty

Sometimes it feels as though we’re all sitting on a wall. Enough of a push one way or the other could send as crashing to the stones and soil below. Some of us bounce, others land hard and others still shatter.

Humpty Dumpty shattered. Not even an entire army could restore him.

Is this the sort of garbage we fill children’s heads with? No one needs a whole kingdom to save them. A community will do… or one special person.

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