Month: July 2019

Remember when Rick and Morty made folk stupid?

Remember when Rick said he was obsessed with the limited run of that McDonalds dipping sauce – the one that was part of a Mulan promotion? (For any kids reading this – which there probably isn’t but anyway – I mean the animated Mulan… Continue Reading “Remember when Rick and Morty made folk stupid?”

The alternative to having a meltdown

A few things have aligned – dare I say, conspired – to ratchet up the pressure recently. That’s a part of life, especially when you aspire to greater ambitions. It’s easy to lose your footing when you reach for the sky. I’m lucky enough… Continue Reading “The alternative to having a meltdown”

How to reinvent yourself

If you’re stuck in a rut, needing a career change or sick of your current life, then you can change it. It’s not easy, of course. But you can do it. I’ll even offer you two approaches: The easy way is to move to… Continue Reading “How to reinvent yourself”

What a self-hypnosis induction feels like

You start by bringing your attention into the present moment. You let go of other thoughts and feelings, as you tune in to what your senses tell you. There’s something in the environment catching your attention. You notice it, before letting your attention go.… Continue Reading “What a self-hypnosis induction feels like”

The weird controversy that might separate good hypnotists from the bad

I’ll admit, this caught me by surprise the first time I came across it. And the second time, when I realised I was seeing a pattern. Now? It amuses me. The delightfully strange, bizarre and insightful controversy involving hypnosis and self-hypnosis. If you want… Continue Reading “The weird controversy that might separate good hypnotists from the bad”

Lucid Sustained Dreaming

In creative circles, LSD has a golden reputation. Folks say it sparked the hippie movement in the ‘60s. Even today, high performers in a number of fields experiment with microdoses of it. It’s supposed to give you greater creativity, openness and insight. I wouldn’t… Continue Reading “Lucid Sustained Dreaming”

Not living the life of your dreams yet?

Do you have dreams, ambitions or plans? Do you intend to become more than what you are? I sure hope so. Life is tension between growing and fading. If you give up on growing, that just leaves the other half. If you want to… Continue Reading “Not living the life of your dreams yet?”

What goes into wonder

What makes wine more interesting than lemonade? What makes a forest nicer to look at than a brick wall? I could write essays about this. About the cultural associations wine has to celebrations, good times, relaxing in front of the fire… and the pleasant… Continue Reading “What goes into wonder”

When it’s impossible to be anxious

Most negative states of mind have something in common. Grief does this and so does frustration. And anxiety? You bet your booty it does. Because when you’re experiencing these emotions, it can feel like you’re handcuffed to a dumbbell and someone swallowed the key.… Continue Reading “When it’s impossible to be anxious”

You’re never too young to conquer the world

I remember what it was like to be a teenager. You suddenly have the mental power to do amazing things. Intelligence, discipline and creativity triple, then triple again. But people still treat you like you’re just a kid. You can’t drive until you’re 16… Continue Reading “You’re never too young to conquer the world”


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