For some of you, 2020 will never end

I know some of you are keen for 2020 to excuse itself from the room already.

Bad news on that front…

For some of you, it’s sticking around.

Not literally – the calendar will, in fact, keep moving forward.

You don’t want to turn the calendar, though. You want things to go back to normal or get better.

I’m concerned, though.

I’m concerned for all the young people who watched all this. For them, panicking over something they can’t see, whose consequences they never witness, is normal.

That will leave a mark for some of them.

I’m concerned for adults, too. Most folks have had a year of chronic stress… after a lifetime of different chronic stress.

Lockdowns are trauma and they’ll end eventually.


When things become amazing for everyone, that won’t be the fix for all the woes.

It’ll be the start of it.

If you’ve spent this much time with fear, anxiety and uncertainty scratching at your organs, it’ll take more than open businesses and abundant toilet paper to set things right.

Fortunately, your body and mind are excellent at letting go.

It doesn’t take long – it merely takes some time spent in deep and total relaxation.

Deeper than sleep.

Want to know how to let go of all of this like that?

It’s infused into every module of Monster Mind Edukaré:

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