29 life-changing resources for endless self-improvement

When I reach the end of a self-improvement project, I feel a complex mix of emotions.

Satisfaction – because, hey, nothing beats completing something difficult.

Pride, especially if I worked hard and learned a lot.

The bittersweet melancholy of a little chapter of your life coming to a close.

But above all, there’s usually a hunger.

A deep, burning desire to continue growing.

I can only be satisfied by answering the question:

What next?

Unfortunately, many programs you go through don’t really answer that. They either don’t address it or give you something vague.

Then there are those who say, since you completed a two-week intro course, you’re now ready for this intensive five-year program held in a cave in Thailand – not seeing the gap between those options.

And of course, there’s the old, “to learn more, click here to give me more coin!”

To each there own, I suppose.

To my own, I cultivated a list of what to do next.

As of this writing, it has 29 suggested resources to continue your learning, including:

  • 4 ways to move your body in meditative and hypnotic ways,
  • 7 books that are so trippy, they’ll make you more hypnotic just by reading them,
  • 2 kids’ books that expand the way you see reality,
  • 3 teachers who will show you what’s possible by simply altering your breathing,
  • 3 self-hypnosis resources that’ll turn your mind inside out,
  • 2 resources to unlock your ability to master any subject,
  • 3 books so dangerous, the two authors spend time justifying their decision to publish,

And, if you’re doing the arithmetic, you can tell there’s a few surprises on top of that.

I expanded this list of resources recently and I’m sure I’ll do it again.

Where can you find this glorious list?

It’s module 19 of 19 – the capstone – of Monster Mind Edukaré. Each item on the list has been carefully chosen. If I don’t think there’s a decent chance it’ll change your life, I didn’t bother adding it, so everything on there is pure, liquid value.

I would have paid hundreds for a curated (and growing) list of top-tier ways to improve your life. It would have saved me a lot of mucking about – and it would have paid for itself over the long run.

This is how Edukaré ends – a crazy long list of things you can do next.

For that, and the 18 modules before it, see what’s all there at this link:


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