60 New Year’s Resolutions for you

If you’ve heard what folk are aiming for in 2021, I’m sure you’ve noticed a few things.

Some folk are too ambitious. They want to do everything next year.

Others are too vague. They want to “be healthier” but don’t seem to know what to do about that.

Others still are too narrow. They want to spend an entire year becoming 1% better at something. Or they’ll settle for surviving the year, which I’d call a good start but not much else.

Good luck to them, honestly.

But if you want real resolutions with real firepower, try 60 of them. Especially if they’re all specific and achievable.

While everyone flounders with a couple of doomed projects, you can power through this amazing list. You could focus on five each month – even if 80% of them fizzle, that’s still 12 ways you’ve improved dramatically over the year.

This is New Year’s Resolutions rocket fuel.

So fill up your tank and get flying now:


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