60 New Year’s Resolutions that won’t fizzle

Soon, the time-honoured tradition is upon us:

Millions of folk around the world will make promises to themselves.

Eat better.

Exercise more.

Start a business.

Be bold and brave.

And by mid-February, the gyms will be empty and the buffet lines full again.

New Year’s Resolutions tend to fizzle. All the promises and good intentions aren’t enough to survive contact with reality.

Want to know the secret to making your resolutions stick?


Try so many that even if 90% of them fall away, you’re still much better off.

Some of you might think I’m joking. And, hey, maybe I am. Even so, what’s the alternative – stick with the usual plan of “trying hard” and “hoping for the best”?


Three-Score Navike is bursting full of 60 habits (hence the name). Most of them you can start today, and all you can start this week. And you know that with so many to choose from, there are going to be a few you haven’t considered before.

Whether they’re new to you or not, they’re all life-changing.

So get a head start on 2020 by applying what you find here:


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