How to hypnotise your muscles

Wait… what?

Yep, you can put your muscles into a deep, hypnotic trance.

And I don’t mean in a holistic, “hypnosis works on all of you” sort of way. I mean you can choose a muscle or group – say, your right bicep – and hypnotise it.

It’s a strange sensation – at least at first.

Then it gets interesting.

Because when you enter a hypnotic trance, you become relaxed, suggestable and open to new possibilities.

So when you hypnotise a muscle, it relaxes.

It becomes suggestable. Some examples: it can double its endurance, release tension or even let go of pain, simply because you tell it too.

And it can open up new possibilities. One neat exercise is to take a problem and give it to your arm to solve. Writing this is awkward because my right arm is frozen, working its way through some emotional blocks.

(Insert a joke here. Something like: “sure, THAT’S why you type one handed”. I’ll lol.)

The word hypnosis means ‘sleep of the nervous system’, because that’s how early thinkers thought it worked. They were wrong about the sleep part, but right about the nervous system part.

Hypnosis happens as much in the body as the brain.

And that’s how my Neural Reset works. I hypnotise your body – muscle group by muscle group – until your mind has no chance but to follow.

It’s fun, it’s effective and it’s more than a little strange.

Which is why it works so well.

If you’re sick of trying to think your way through problems, perhaps it’s time for a different approach.

You can sign up for a Neural Reset here:

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