7 easy, awesome mind training courses… and what comes after

Subscribers to my email list received seven hypnotic audios – each a mini course in something powerful:

1) Patience

Get through the difficult times with a full body, total relaxation of your nervous system. The last time you were this relaxed, you were deeply asleep.

2) Personal Responsibility

Gain the power to overcome any obstacle. Once you step up and seize your problems with both hands, you gain the power to change it.

3) Purpose

Feel like you’re drifting? Wake up humming with energy by finding your life’s purpose. With a mission, nothing will slow you down.

4) Priorities

Distracted? Detracted? Clear the clutter and get down to what you need to do. Don’t let another opportunity wander by unnoticed.

5) Persistence

With enough discipline, it’s only a matter of time. Quickly and easily train your mind to ignore bad habits and focus on the right ones.

6) People

Get along to get ahead. Learn how your inner mind can do right by others, make an impact in the world and earn your just rewards.

7) Pride

Confidence is your birthright. If you feel like you’re not enough, kick that to the curb and embrace your full, glorious potential.

The eighth P – Power – is a useful thing to keep in your back pocket. If someone messes with your mind, using hypnosis or otherwise, it’s a handy way to wipe that programming and start fresh.

Anyone can download all of these when they sign up here:


But you might wonder: what’s next?

You listen to these audios… and then what?

Well, you listen to them again.

And again.

Each listen will reinforce the lesson.

You’ll know when you can ease up on that. Each run through will start to create major shifts in your mind… which will suddenly stop. That’s how you can tell you’re ready to move on.

That’s when you bring out the big guns:

Because it’ll take you months to work through Monster Mind Edukaré.

And then you can run through it again… and again… until the same thing happens.

Until you reach the point where you’re not having life-changing epiphanies every time you consume it.

It’ll be years before you reach that point, though.

(Especially because I occasionally add bonus modules to it.)

In fact, you might milk value from Edukaré for decades to come.

And if it ever stops being useful to you?

It’s because you’ll have reached heights so momentous, you can’t even see them right now. Just like how a rookie picking up a tennis racquet for the first time can’t imagine what playing in Wimbledon is like, you can’t imagine how great you’ll become.

The only way to know it is to become it.

And the only way to become it is to get started now:


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