7 Words That Lead to Deeper Meditation (and a Happier Life)

7 Words That Lead to Deeper Meditation (and a Happier Life)

There’s a secret mantra, exchanged in dark halls, old monasteries and the quiet corners of the internet. This simple set of words isn’t magic but it might as well be. Saying them to yourself transforms your mental state for the better.

If you’re in meditation, this short sentence will take you even deeper inside.

Or if you’re just walking around, it releases emotions and thoughts.

Write this mantra down and practice it. This exercise is one of the best upgrades to your mind.

Are you ready?

If your monkey mind won’t stop chattering, then the mantra is:

“It seems that this body is thinking.”

If you are blocked by an emotion, then your words of power are:

“It seems that this body feels angry/sad/tired/whatever.”

These may sound simple. That’s because they are simple and incredibly sophisticated. Any trained hypnotists or experienced meditators can spot the techniques immediately. For everyone else, let me break it down.

The first two words break any judgement. This is not the time for analysis or criticism. It softens what comes next by allowing it to be true or false.

After all, you’re only describing what it seems like.

“It’s cold outside” is a definitive statement. It’s clear and without flexibility. Maybe it’s not cold outside, in which case you’d be wrong.

And if you don’t like the cold, that’s a judgement. If you do like the cold, that’s still a judgement.

Whereas “it seems as though it’s cold outside” cannot be true or false. It’s an honest description of what’s going through your mind. It softens the statement, which softens any judgements within it.

This is important for what comes next.

Talking about “this body” is a classic dissociation technique. A common piece of sloppy thinking is when people say “I am angry” or “I am happy”. This language sets up your identity. I am human, I am Australian and I am happy. That last bit is a different species to the other two.

No emotion is who you are. Your feelings are chemical reactions that you experience. They exist inside you and are part of your reality, but they are not who you are.

You feel emotions but you aren’t them.

Identifying too closely with thoughts or feelings only gives them power. They make excellent servants and terrible masters.

The final part of the mantra labels what’s happening. By this time, that experience has been stripped of judgement and dissociated. Adding a label gives your mind some way of identifying it.

I mentioned that these two mantras (and their infinite variations) take practice. The skill is not in the words themselves but in the mindset that would think them. Be the sort of person who naturally dissociates from their problems. Free yourself from your own judgements. If you do, you’ll find your problems decide to leave you alone.

If you were to stop here and master this attitude, your life would become better that you can imagine. Having said that, there are deeper wells in the mental arts. If you care to go spelunking and realise your true potential, learn the skills that will get you there:


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