What Would You Do With A Block Of Time?

Let’s say you had a block of time that was yours.

It’s not guaranteed – how could anyone guarantee that?

But it’s as close to a guarantee as you’ll find.

Folk are extremely unlikely to interrupt you during this. To impose their demands on your time. To get you to do something unimportant for you (and probably unimportant for them too).

It could be 30 minutes.

Or two hours.

And it’s yours.

What would you do with that? Exercise? Learn something? Build your side business?

Time can unlock just about anything else.

You can claim that time starting right now.

Well… tomorrow, maybe.

Because what if you got up earlier?

Early enough and no one else is awake yet. They’re all still unconscious, their moments passing them by.

Moments you can claim as your own.

No one can stop you doing what you want or need.

There’s no need to check emails or social media – that can probably wait. Instead, this is a rare opportunity where you can focus, confident you’re not going to get distracted.

Now, I’ve struggled with this myself.

Especially during the cold, dark months of the year.

Your bed is so appealing, so comfortable, so restful…

Besides, you don’t want to stagger through your day sleep-deprived. Not only does that hurt your health and productivity – it can be dangerous.

An equally valid self-improvement technique is the opposite – get more sleep.

I get it.

Fortunately, you have a plethora of ways to handle that.

Firstly, with some clever tinkering you can get up early and get more sleep. That’ll take some discipline, but surely that shouldn’t turn you off, hmm?

Secondly, taking even a small block of time at the start of your day does wonders for the rest. I’ve never felt as energised since I started doing this. Even if I’m a little sluggish during the day – which happens less than I thought it would – I still burned with the satisfaction of getting things done.

Knowing you’ll do more in your day than most folk will, before they even wake up…

It’s an amazing feeling.

So feel it.

Maybe you need to inch your wakeup time a little earlier each day.

Maybe you should dive into the deep end.

Choose whatever works for you.

Either way, having this time – assuming you use it properly – is a real boon.

One final tip:

If you’re not a morning person (I’m certainly not), then having to think during this time is not great. I use my head start on the day to write… but I make sure I know what I’m writing about when I go to sleep.

Thinking may be hard, but doing certainly isn’t.

You can begin that simple self-improvement technique now.

And enjoy its benefits for the rest of your life.

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