A canary’s funeral

I’ve seen some disturbing advice lately.

A few folks have said it on Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. Probably other places too.

The advice comes from a place of love.

It even sounds right.

That makes the mistake inside all the more insidious – all the more difficult to root out.

The advice goes something along these lines:

“Don’t beat yourself up if you’re not as productive as usual lately. It’s been a stressful year. If you remember to wear pants, you’re doing well.”

Like I say, their heart’s in the right place… but this is bad, even dangerous advice.

A lack of productivity, energy and focus are symptoms of a deeper problem. And telling people to just live with their symptoms isn’t helpful.

When a canary in a coalmine dies, you don’t hold in a funeral. You don’t say, aww gee, I liked that birdy, let’s all take a minute of silence to commemorate their life.


You get out of the mine.

Now, please don’t misinterpret me here. Listen to your body – I’d never tell you to ignore the wisdom of your unconscious. If you need to take a few days to rest and recover, take them.

But then you bounce back to your full self.

If you take some time to recharge… and don’t bounce all the way back?

That’s a problem.

Assuming it’s not a sign of trouble in your body, it’s a sign of trouble in your mind.

It tells you the mine isn’t safe right now.

Think about all the emotions everyone says you’re supposed to feel in 2020 – they all inspire action. Anger charges you to rally against those who violate your boundaries. Stress makes you burn brighter as you push towards a goal. With fear, folks have leapt through fire and shrugged off bullet wounds.

If these emotions inhibit your output, rather than enhance it, it’s because you’re feeling them chronically.

That’s bad, folks.

That’s not something you shrug off and say, “welp, that’s just how 2020 is!”

No – if the air feels thick and the canary’s dead, don’t work half as hard. Get out of the mine and fix the problem.

Settling for your symptoms doesn’t serve your community. It isn’t even selfish, because everyone wins when you bring your full power towards your life.

The world needs you at your strongest. Why limp through the next few months when you can run?

You might be wondering… how?

Well, I have the perfect thing in the works – something that’ll build your power, focus your mind and unleash more energy than you know you have. It’s perfect for anyone with ambition and drive, who doesn’t want something as trivial as mass hysteria to slow them down.

I’m on track to launch in mid-January.

(In fact, as of this writing, I’m ahead of schedule…)

But that’s not a firm launch date. It’ll depend on more than just me being ready for it. Stay tuned and expect to hear a lot more about it.

In the meantime?

You’ll get a lot out of Monster Mind Edukaré. You can learn how to ‘reset’ your mind in minutes, relax more deeply and let go of chronic stress.

In time, relaxed, creative productivity is yours – and only a few wriggles of the finger away at any time.

How do you think I’ve doubled, if not more, my writing output since July?

Folks have endured far worse than this for far longer. You’re much more resilient than you think.

As long as you remain focused, keep striving and make a genuine effort, of course.

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