A handy hand

Here’s today’s dumb question:

What do your hands do?

Or to put it more fancy-like, why did humans evolve our hands?

It answer is simple: to manipulate our environment.

… right?

Well, that answer hides a lot of complexity. Sure, our hands are tools (for, say, making shelter).

But they’re also weapons for hunting and warfare.

As well as tools for making other tools.

So, yeah, they manipulate the environment – in maybe the broadest sense possible. I mean, what have we invented that can do all of that as well? Robotic 3D printers and knives, maybe?

But even that generous description sells our hands short. You could talk a lot about how crafty evolution is, how nature is the master at optimising things – given enough time and selective pressure, of course…

All I’ll say on that, for now, is how nature reuses the same tools for different purposes.

As highly social mammals, we often need to show empathy, convey precise meanings, confront social rivals and make love.

And since we already had hands, why not use them to do all that?

That’s how nature rolls – why make something single-use when you can use it to do everything?

All this is why creativity comes from more than just your brain.

It can come from your legs – after all, we all know the wonders a good walk can do.

But what about your hands?

They can express creativity, obviously, but can they help you think that way?

Haha, what a hilarious notion.

Of course they can.

You’ll be amazed at how differently – how much more powerfully – you can think when you use your whole body.

It’s one of the many, many strange and transformative skills Monster Mind Edukaré teaches.

You can read all about it, and everything else you can learn, right here:


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