A (literal) fantasy vacation

This whole ‘not being able to travel’ thing?

It’s getting to me too.

I like to travel a lot for recreation, for training – you know, all the usual reasons. Not being able to do that is hard.

So I’m not saying this is the perfect solution, because it’s not.

However, it’s not nothing. In fact, it’s damn awesome. You can, in some ways, still travel for fun, for education and a few other reasons.

All you need is your mind.

I’ve been rereading some scifi lately. I’m working my way through the Void Trilogy, by Peter F Hamilton. One of the many subplots follows a boy in a pocket universe, where reality responds directly to human thought. As such, everyone has psychic powers – telepathy and telekinesis, among others.

This boy has a lot of natural psychic talent.

As he grows up, his power grows too and he learns how to wield it better. He learns powerful techniques from old veterans, scheming nobles and, eventually, the city itself.

By the time he’s middle aged, he’s basically a secret god who has to figure out how to use his powers for good.

Why do I bring this up?

Because last night, I went there. I went to his city, walked its streets and tried out some fun psychic powers.

(Aside: if you’ve read the Void Trilogy too… yeah, yeah, I know. The irony of me doing this isn’t lost on me.)

Anyway, I know what you’re thinking:

So what, right? Isn’t that just daydreaming?

Yes, it is just daydreaming… unless you combine it with the techniques of the Neural Reset. Then it becomes something else.

Something almost real.

I’m not claiming any magic here. This isn’t astral projection or anything like that. I didn’t leave my bed and neither did my consciousness, as far as I know.

This was all in my imagination.

But your imagination plus a Neural Rest can do amazing things.

It can be like travelling somewhere else and spending hours there, while only a few minutes pass in the real world.

When I discovered, refined and borrowed the techniques that go into the Neural Reset, I didn’t consider this as an application. That’s true of most of the ways I use it now. It has a way of surprising me.

Want it to surprise you too?

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