The ABCs of Your Perfect Future

When you’re stuck, you need a push. Sometimes that’s literal – with a bogged car, for example. It works metaphorically too. When you’re feeling trapped in life, unfulfilled and like you’re going nowhere, all you need is a push.

Imagine being able to push on command. With nothing but your thoughts (and a pen and paper), you can get your mind working smoothly again. You can tap into your dormant creativity, whether you’re writing an article or rethinking your purpose in life. Whatever the problem, your unconscious mind has the answer.

Use it when you need to move forward. It’ll make you unstoppable.

When you’re stuck – whether it’s writer’s block, a blank mind or a feeling of disconnection – it’s because your mind isn’t in the right state. Your thoughts are looping, fixated on the same details. When you want to think of something new, you fall into the same grooves. You’re like a train trying to turn right when the track bends to the left.

The next time you experience this, notice how it seems in your mind. Memorise the state. Once you are out of it and new ideas flood you, compare your state of mind and how it changed. Seeing the shift gives you something to focus on and recreate during self-hypnosis.

But we must walk before we can run. To create this effect in the first place, follow the procedure I’m about to describe. Practice it until you know how to make the change yourself. If you lose touch with this in the future, come back to this exercise. And always pay attention to your mind.

In order to switch gears and get yourself unstuck, pick a topic. This can be as big or small as you want. Bring it to mind. You might have some ideas in mind already. Not the ideas you want – otherwise you wouldn’t be stuck. That’s okay. Keep yourself loose and let the associations flow.

Open your mind as best you can. Good enough is good enough – no need to force anything.

Then write down an idea for every letter from A to Z. Pick a word or phrase that starts with each letter. Or features each letter, for tricky ones like X. Don’t judge the quality of the ideas or their connection to the alphabet. Quantity matters here.

You might feel silly doing this. Acknowledge those feelings and put them aside. Write your ideas down anyway.

How will this help? Your first five or ten ideas won’t surprise you. Then you’ll exhaust your normal thinking and still have lots of blanks in your list. Keep thinking of ideas. Write them down.

This might get hard at times. That’s good. It’s hard work to think new thoughts. If you struggle, celebrate that it’s working. If it’s too easy, you have two choices.

When you have an idea for every letter, that’s 26 ideas. So your first choice is to keep going. Come up with two ideas for each letter – 52 ideas.

The second choice is to elaborate on each idea. Write a paragraph or two for each one. If any two are similar, scrap one and replace it with something else. Dig deep. Coming up with 26 distinct ideas on a topic isn’t easy. But you can do it.

Most people generate ideas in spurts, followed by pauses. Notice how the spurts feel inside your mind. Observe the pauses. These create a template for creative thinking – for getting you unstuck.

This is one of the secret arts to a great life. Notice which mental states you like. Record them. Learn to ask your mind to recreate them. Do whatever it takes.

Hypnosis is the best way to explore your thoughts like this. It’s the best way to find the desirable states of mind and bring them to the surface. Everything else is just details.

And if this sort of radical ability to overhaul your life interests you, it’s time to take control. Open your mind. Place yourself at the controls and put yourself on the right track:

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