Who wouldn’t choose to be smarter?

I’m not talking about what a fancy education gives you. That could make you smarter. Or it can turn you into an ivory tower theorist with no real world awareness.

And I’m not talking about those so-called “brain training” games. While cute and fun, they don’t do much (or anything) for your everyday life.

What am I talking about?

Mind training is anything that leaves you wiser, sharper and better. Where education adds knowledge, mind training adds new abilities. It works holistically on the brain, too. Use it to develop greater focus, for example, and you’ll automatically become healthier and more charismatic.

This is how humans learn – not by adding something to who we are, but by completely changing who we are.

You’ve been doing this all your life. All I do is enhance what’s already natural to you.

With mind training, I focus on proven disciplines.

Like hypnosis. Chances are, it isn’t what you think it is. Hypnosis is a natural, powerful way to engage with your unconscious mind. The more of your mind you can consciously control, the more options you have in any situation.

And meditation. If you think meditation isn’t for you, then blame your teachers. Done right, meditation is simple, fun and effective. I don’t have a lot of unique content about meditation – few people do, given it’s thousands of years old – but I sure teach it in unique ways.

If you’re looking for a place to start:

  1. Grab some mind training gifts to get started.
  2. Read some of my more popular articles:
    1. For the neuroscience of hypnosis, read Left and right brain hypnosis
    2. For a lot of info on what hypnosis really is, read Can you accidentally hypnotise someone?
    3. For a cool description of a meditation technique, read The Harry Potter School of Meditation
  3. Really want to invest in your mind training?
    1. For mind training guides and programs, see what’s available on the Products page.
    2. To read my books on hypnosis, meditation and a few other things, wander on over to the aptly-named Books page.
    3. For a huuuuge volume of mind training material, you want to read about Awakened Thought.

And if you have questions, requests or comments, reach me here.

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