The adaptogenic mind training program

If you want to experience hypnosis but aren’t sure what to ask for…

I recommend the Neural Reset. This is great for just about everything – helping you relax more, focus more, remember more, think more and stress less, just to name a few things.

It’s easy to enter a hypnotic trance. It’s hard to enter one and not enjoy all these benefits, if not more.

And what do you call the version of yourself who can stay calmer during stress, enjoy the simple things more and creatively solve your problems?

I don’t know, but I bet it’d be a thrill to meet them.

If you follow the health and well-being circles, you’ll know about adaptogenic herbs. Unlike allotropic drugs – where the one that lowers blood pressure is different from the one that raises it – your body uses adaptogenic compounds however it needs to.

That’s less of a big deal than it seems. Your body already does that with food. If you eat a balanced diet, you’ll absorb what nutrients you need, use them as needed, then flush the rest. Whether you need to grow, repair or rebalance, your body makes use of it.

The Neural Reset is the mental equivalent of that. Whether you want to manage stress better, perform at an elite level, overcome challenges or enjoy life… it helps.

It especially helps with being less stressed and more creative, thanks to some recent improvements I made to the process.

As such, the price of each session will rise tomorrow.

But if you book yourself in today, you’ll lock it in at the lower rate.

Tomorrow, though?

Not so much…

Here’s my schedule:

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