Advice for Lady Macbeth

Macbeth, but in 2021:

Lady Macbeth’s hands won’t get clean. She scrubs and she scrubs, but they still carry the stains.

So she goes online to ask for advice.

One forum talks about a new super cleaning fluid that’ll bleach and strip back the outer layer of your skin. If you want to get clean, this will get you clean!

A YouTube channel talks about how that stuff is artificial, toxic nonsense. If you want to clean your hands, there’s this all natural, essential oil-based concoction that’ll do the job and leave you smelling great.

The first forum mentions that YouTube video – hand wash? More like hogwash!

Back and forth it goes.

Lady Macbeth now has more knowledge about how to clean her hands.

But she isn’t any wiser for the experience…

I’m not qualified to help her – she needs expert care from medical professionals. I assume you’re not hallucinating the blood of your victims, though.

If you need medical intervention, seek it.

If your challenges are less ‘total psychological collapse’ in nature…

There’s a difference between getting knowledge that you want and insights that you need. No matter what you want – whether to shed an old problem, perform better or enjoy life more, or all of the above – there’s one thing common to them.

When you deeply relax for a moment and let your mind run on quiet mode, it all becomes much easier.

That’s why the Neural Reset helps just about anything.

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