Against Humpty Dumpty

Against Humpty Dumpty

Sometimes it feels as though we’re all sitting on a wall. Enough of a push one way or the other could send as crashing to the stones and soil below. Some of us bounce, others land hard and others still shatter.

Humpty Dumpty shattered. Not even an entire army could restore him.

Is this the sort of garbage we fill children’s heads with? No one needs a whole kingdom to save them. A community will do… or one special person.

The right person saying the right things could put Humpty together again. It doesn’t matter if his pieces burned, shattered again and were eaten by wolves. No one is a lost cause and everyone can be saved.

When we look after our minds, we bounce. And if we don’t bounce, we can still come together.

No damage is so bad it’s permanent.

No one is so hopeless an army couldn’t save them.

I don’t claim to have an army, but I do have a community. We don’t offer medical advice or anything like that, so we can’t mend a broken body.

But we do share techniques and experiences with ways of keeping your mind well.

In a way, your mind is a tool like any other. It needs sharpening and a little restoration every now and then.

You can get that with the right use of your own thoughts.

If you’re interested, wander on over and ask me what you need:

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