When alarm adaptation is alarming

A lot of folk talk about how they get used to their morning alarm. They have to keep changing where it is, what it sounds like and even when it goes off.

If they keep it the same, it no longer surprises them, so they sleep through it.

Maybe you’re like this.

I’m not. In fact, I tend to be the opposite. At first, my alarm confuses me. After a few days of waking up to it, all it takes is a little flicker of the right noise to gently wake me up.

Which is why I haven’t changed my alarm in years.

The lesson is the brain adapts to certain things. It adjusts and lets go of surprises..

And, while I don’t adapt to my morning alarm, there’s something else I do get used to.

(At least, I did.)

And that’s suffering.

When it happens long enough, you learn to live with anything.

You might not like it.

But you will find it familiar.

Eventually, it becomes “normal”.

And even though you’re eager – maybe even desperate – to change, you lose the ability to. Some chunk of you stops believing it’s possible. You can’t even imagine it.

It’s funny how cleverly our monsters train us to follow their fiendish whims.

Want to train them instead?

Want to truly let go of your suffering?

Whether it’s something big you’ve endured your whole life, or something “small” enough to hassle you each day, you can change. Other folk have done it, so what’s holding you back?

Whatever it is, here’s how you get rid of it:


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