The alarming folks your ‘digital presence’ competes with

“Build it and they will come.”

When it comes to your business, you can retire that truism.

Build it and do nothing else, and no one will come. Well, maybe not no one. But that’s not a marketing strategy. If you want your business to be sustainable, efficient and… you know, surviving the month, you need to do more than build a presence.

There are a billion blogs on the planet. Yours won’t automatically stand out, no matter how good the content.

Also, you don’t even need a blog to have a digital presence. I once got into an argument with someone on reddit about hypnosis. I was confused what they said – they seemed to lack the insticnts for what makes it work.

They then said they knew more about hypnosis than I did because ‘they had read more about it’.

(Ha! Yeah, right.)

This charming fellow had never hypnotised a soul… or even been hypnotised… but they still had a digital presence where they could spout half-remembered facts.

On the internet, you’re competing with folks like that.

What you need, instead of a digital presence, is digital authority.

What’s the difference?


  • Create content all the time – not just ‘when inspiration strikes’. True experts can find something new, interesting and useful to talk about every day. Amateurs run out of regurgitated knowledge fast.
  • Defy convention. If “everyone knows” that you can’t work with an unmotivated client… then you can prove your expertise by showing how you can. Amateurs can’t innovate, so they have to follow the popular wisdom. Authorities can go beyond what people think the limits are.
  • Know what clients really want. They’ve seen so many clients that they know the patterns, the hidden fears, the secret desires…
  • Work in many mediums. Someone might be an awkward speaker… until they talk about what they’re knowledgeable and passionate about. They might be a clumsy writer… until they write what they know.
  • Know what they’re worth. They might give away a valuable report, eBook or even a program to build leads… but they keep the good stuff (and their time!) for those who pay for it.
  • Can break the rules, including these ones, and still get results.

If you set up a website, all you’ll have is a presence – no more impressive than your average redditor.

If you use Selling Transformation and establish digital authority, though…?

Folks will see you’re the real deal.

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