All the treasures of the 5 Realms

In 5 Realms Meditation, I share some of the rich mental traditions of planet Earth.

Not only that, I use each to build on the others, weaving them together into a powerful tapestry of technique and phonebook’s worth of philosophy.

Over the next 13 weeks, you’ll learn all of this:

  • How the mindset behind adult circumcisions can transform your identity in moments (Week 9),
  • The religious metaphor that will probably get me death threats… and will help you understand something that defies understanding (Week 6),
  • How to use a lawyer’s teachings to become wise, whole and at peace (Week 10),
  • Why two schools of wokedom are wrong and how you can be right (Week 7),
  • How corporations use a modern take on humanity’s oldest technological revolution to drain your bank account (Week 5),
  • Ways to use your body to think clearer (Week 8),
  • How metaphorically accessing the reservoir of all human knowledge can literally help you think of new ideas (Week 12),
  • A simple yet relaxing, invigorating and purifying ritual that’s 20 times older than the Bible (Week 1),
  • How to train your focus, become more present and enter a trance using a common household item (Week 2),
  • A sinister, ‘Hollywood-style’ hypnosis technique that’s equal to 15 minutes of meditation… in less than 30 seconds (Week 4),
  • The overlap between modern neuroscience and an ancient religion that tells you where your anger really comes from (Week 8),
  • How a fictitious forest can help you feel calm, centred and focused (Week 11),
  • Why cultures who beat innocent young men with whips might be wiser than we are (Week 9),
  • The source of everything in your mind that eventually ‘flows’ out into the world (Week 6),
  • Hypnosis from humanity’s pre-history that’s as powerful and effective as ever (Week 5),
  • The simple breathing exercise that enhances your self-control… even though it doesn’t change your breathing (Week 3),
  • Simple manipulation techniques that’ll unlock your own potential (Week 10),
  • Why building a temple to yourself can lead to divine inspiration (Week 13),
  • An easy way to stop fixating on your problems and focus on what matters (Week 3),
  • Two words from an indigenous culture that tap into your unconscious identity – in a way you’ve been told is ‘irrelevant’ or even ‘racist’ (it’s not) (Week 7),
  • What Europe’s nouveau riche discovered about wisdom, change and personal growth (Week 2),
  • How to enter three different altered states of consciousness in about two seconds (Week 4).

Find all these treasures of the 5 Realms here:

P.S. During the launch week, you can snag it for over 25% off with the code APPROPRIATION. Unless you’re a member of Phronesis Accelerator – then you can use the much-better code included in the March issue.

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