An (almost) foolproof way to enter this hypnotic trance state

I’m releasing a new book in a few weeks. Waking Dreaming: A Manual shows you a simple, fun and outrageously powerful way to engage your unconscious.

I don’t know if this is the self-hypnosis technique I use the most… but if not, it must be a contender.

It does everything you could want, from boosting confidence to dampening unpleasant sensations, while being quick, enjoyable and (often) surprising.

But here’s the thing.

In the normal version, I show folks the slow way of mastering this. That’s because the slow way pays off. If you rush learning the foundations, it undermines everything else.

Mastery doesn’t come in a moment.

Having said that, my Edukaré owners are a different breed.

Thanks to all the 19 other modules, each with a different take on mind training, they tend to handle more of the trickier stuff.

Heck, the fact they invest in themselves like this shows they’re keener than the average Jacob.

That’s why one of the exclusive, Edukaré-only chapters is a shortcut.

A way to enter the Waking Dream state that’s easier and more reliable than the others.

It’s too easy and reliable for public consumption. Everyone else needs to build up their mental strength first. You can cut right to the chase.

I still use this version sometimes – often when I’m tired or distracted. It cuts through the mental chatter like nothing else.

And it’s yours, but only when you act fast and download it soon. In two days, this bonus disappears off my site, probably forever.

This special, pre-release, Edukaré-only version has exclusive bonus chapters, demonstrating this plus:

  • A strange way to overcome insomnia,
  • Ways to boost your memory by giving old techniques a new twist,
  • A fun, quick and easy way to make the best decisions of your life with confidence, and
  • An intriguing “hack” for gaining the benefits of esoteric (and sometimes even fictitious) religious rituals.

Snoozers are losers and will miss out forever.

If you’ve been thinking about grabbing Edukaré, here’s the perfect time:

P.S. To make this decision even easier, I’m knocking $61 off the price during this window. This is the best time to buy it you’ll come across in a while. Use the code DREAM at the checkout – only valid while this complimentary copy of Waking Dreaming: A Manual is live.

P.P.S. Make sure you download the bonus content ASAP. It’ll disappear from your list of content when the deadline hits.

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