The alternative medicine that works

The alternative medicine that works

Many people have a broken idea of how science works. This is doubly true for the alternative medicine crowd. This isn’t true of everyone who looks for answers outside of Western medicine… but it is pretty darn common.

Anyway, here’s how some people think science works…

Healer: I have a crystal that cures infections.

Scientist: Foolish ignorant peasant. I have no knowledge of that, therefore it is nothing but lies! Begone, fraudulent trickster!

Now, to be fair, there are plenty of scientists who act that way.

But that’s not how science works. With a true scientist, they respond differently…

Healer: I have a crystal that cures infections.

Scientist: Really? Wow! If that’s true, it would transform the way we see the universe! Not to mention healthcare – this will help millions of people. Let’s test it – if it works under lab conditions, we’re both going to be famous!

You might scoff and accuse me of idealism.

Sure, that’s how science is supposed to work. But does it really?

Yes, yes it does.

Science doesn’t have to know how something works in order to endorse it or ‘believe’ in it. All we have to do is demonstrate it exists in repeatable, controlled ways.

And hypnosis is a fantastic example of that.

For a long time, hypnosis was controversial in scientific circles. It seemed implausible – that a few well-chosen words can alter someone’s state of mind.

Alter it so much they become impervious to pain, regress to a younger age, release trauma or tap into new abilities.

Rather than dismiss it, scientists tested it under controlled conditions. They learned it from hypnotists so they could be sure it wasn’t some kind of trick. They tried in on all sort of people under all sorts of conditions. When we developed the technology to read brainwaves, they could see minds change on the screen before them.

So science shrugged its shoulders, declared it to be real and started exploring what it can do.

To this day, no one knows how hypnosis works. We have some ideas but no one fully understands it.

Even so, science doesn’t question whether it’s real or not. We know it is because it works.

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