The alternative to having a meltdown

A few things have aligned – dare I say, conspired – to ratchet up the pressure recently. That’s a part of life, especially when you aspire to greater ambitions. It’s easy to lose your footing when you reach for the sky.

I’m lucky enough to know enough self-hypnosis to remain relaxed and composed. The old me would have buckled a long time ago.

Still, even mindful breathing and deep trance relaxation have their limits. Sometimes you feel the pressure rising anyway.

And you feel that delightful urge to do something stupid.

To lash out at anyone who helps you and burn your life to the ground.

Or to simply snap, and enjoy losing your conscious mind in a rising tide of unpleasant emotions.

As tempting as that can be…

You always have an alternative.

Now, I have to say: this isn’t medical advice. I’m not qualified to give it, and no one is qualified to give in en masse in article format. It’s worth talking to a professional about these things.

That said, on with one alternative.

Here’s a little manoeuvre you can execute the next time you look down and realise you’re standing on the edge…

Put yourself in a trance. That alone will help. Even if it doesn’t create distance from the stress and emotions (although it probably will), it’ll open you to new ways of processing them.

That’s not nothing.

And it’s just the start.

Because in this trance, you can ask yourself a simple question:

“What would having a meltdown do for me?”

Will it get you attention?

Force folk to take your concerns seriously?

Take you away from it all for a moment?

When you’re honest with yourself – the sort of honesty that comes from a trance – you won’t hesitate to learn what you need right now. The last minute, nuclear option. Your mind is willing to tear down your life to get this benefit, so you might as well know what you’re buying.

And then…?

Well, that’s usually enough. When you know what you need, you can probably find a smarter way to get it.

It’s funny – satisfy that need, even in a small way, and it’s like the world turns the pressure down. When nothing works, this works anyway.

Not surprising if you think about it.

But it’s always surprising to experience.

There’s the old bit of stoic wisdom that says you can’t always change your circumstances… but you can change how you react to them. This is that on steroids – choosing a better way than losing your cool.

Again, this isn’t medical advice. Even if it was, don’t take medical advice from strangers on the internet. But you might find this helps you rethink certain things about your mind.

Of course, you have to learn self-hypnosis first.

If none of the other benefits sold you on it, maybe keeping your mind together will do it.

Here’s how to learn it:

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