An alternative to alternatives to drugs and surgery

Let’s talk about a major trend in health right now:

Baby Boomers are getting older. Time marches on for every generation and they’re beginning to feel it.

They know that health isn’t an infinite resource. It’s a campfire in a storm – you can keep it burning only with dedication and effort.

But there’s many ways to feed a fire. Carelessly toss logs onto the flame and you’ll smother it. You want to be smart with the flame – and your health – not just vigilant.

So there’s a growing scepticism, especially among Boomers, of drugs and surgery.

Sure, sometimes they’re useful – vital, even.

Sometimes drugs are overprescribed by someone wanting the easy way out. “Take this pill to mask the symptoms because diagnosing the cause would be hard.” Maybe they’re well-meaning but prescribing something with horrid side effects.

Same with surgeries, which can be lifesaving or just as harmful as the condition they treat.

This is the growing perception, at least.

Which is why natural supplements are a hundred billion dollar industry. Folk are looking for better ways to keep the campfire burning.

Fantastic, I say.

People are paying attention to their health and considering all their options. That can only be a good thing.


I wonder how many of you feel a little strange about this change…

I mean, you still swallow a pill… that’s been pushed on you by a giant corporation… which works in ways you don’t fully understand… (and probably no one does…) that can have side effects…

Are supplements simply the new drugs?

And, no, they’re not better because they’re “natural”. Most drugs are derived from chemicals sucked out of trees. Even if they’re fully synthetic in how they’re made, the design still probably came from nature.

Besides, Vitamin A is perfectly natural but will still kill you in the wrong dose.

I’m not saying to avoid supplements. For one thing, I’m not offering health advice and you’d be crazy to listen to someone without medical qualifications. Not to mention I take a few supplements myself.

But I don’t rely on them.

I… uh, supplement my supplements with something else.

Something much older yet based on much sounder science than natural supplements.

Something that doesn’t come from big business. Megacorporations would scoff at what I do, because they’d only be able to sell it once per customer, not over and over.

I’m talking about engaging with your deepest inner thoughts. It’s deep mind training that targets your unconscious mind in new and effective ways.

It’s like meditation… only it goes beyond that.

Maybe you already meditate.

Or maybe you gave it a crack and it’s not for you.

Trust me, this is different. You’ll find it easier and more effective than anything you’ve tried before.

A real alternative that uses your mind-body connection, in ways nothing else can.



Eager for some more details?

Either way, have at it:

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