Time to invest in anti-insurance

Back before the world fell apart, you’d have been mad to live without insurance.

Assuming you could afford it, of course.

Forget the amount of money it could save you, should disaster strike. Even forget that it’s a legal requirement in many circumstances. The peace of mind it buys you is worth it.

Then disaster did indeed strike. If nothing else, it’s a reminder how delicate everything truly is.

But let’s consider what insurance is for a moment:

You make an investment to hedge against problems. Most days, weeks, even years, you don’t use it. When you do, you’re grateful to have had it.

What if we flip some of those properties?

Let’s keep the investment part… and where you’re grateful for it.

What if instead of insulating you from crisis, it unlocks opportunities.

And instead of rarely using it, you use it every day.

Now, you have something that’s the opposite of insurance. Rather than helping you maintain your circumstances, it pushes you forward to great better ones.

That’s what regular coaching and hypnosis does for you.

It’s the anti-insurance.

And while folks see insurance as being practically essential…

Investing in yourself is seen as optional. A luxury – something for the high-flying executives to play around with.

I get why some of you would think this. If you’re happy with things as they are, why change? Why bother with trying to make the world and your family’s situation even better?

Then again, if you’re hungry for change, you know why.

Now’s the time to put your coin where your mouth is.

Book yourself in for a consultation and we’ll talk about your next steps. With everything else flipped upside-down, you can only rely on yourself more than ever.

So let’s see how you can become your best self:


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