The antidote to hypnosis (and 47 other things)

Let’s say someone uses hypnosis to mess with you.

Based on what I see in forums, this is weirdly common.

Folk decide they want to experience hypnosis. So, instead of patiently researching it, they find a random YouTube channel, listen, and find themselves messed up.

How can it mess you up?

Hollywood tells you the danger is being hypnotised to rob a bank or murder someone. That’s not what we tend to see, fortunately. But what we do see ain’t exactly a laugh and a half.

Imagine something that would be inappropriate to be aroused by… and getting turned on by it.

Or feeling anxious all time.

Or becoming addicted to a certain hypnotist.

Really, I won’t go into some of the horror stories. There’s enough nastiness in the world as it is. As bad as you can imagine, assume it’s around that.

Instead, I want to focus on solutions.

Here’s one: the Hypnotic Reset.

This hypnosis audio undoes the effects of other hypnosis. It’s the antidote to bad trance. And, unlike those cowboys looking to mess with you for their own amusement, I’m a professional. I have a business and a reputation to uphold – meaning I can’t be anything short of ethical and amazing.

I’m giving away that audio – plus 47 others – at no cost. If it helps you, one thing you could do is donate some money. But, hey, I know not everyone can spare it, especially now, which is why it’s optional.

Whether you’re looking to add something to your mind or take it away, here’s the link you need:

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