It’s the apocalypse, but at least I’m smiling

It’s the apocalypse, but at least I’m smiling

Queensland researchers reckon that Prozac might cause antibiotic resistance. I can’t talk to the science behind this. Maybe it’s right, maybe they missed something.

Either way, it’s not like we can turn around and say “phew, no problems then”.

Just to be clear – I have no issues with antidepressants. That category of medicine has done more than save lives. For many people, it’s the difference between living an amazing life and lying in bed all day.

I’ll never talk down about those drugs or anyone who needs them.

Let’s just consider groups of people for a moment.

There are people who take antidepressants because they need them.

There are those who take them because they needed them once. They’re past that point now, but they keep popping pills. Either because they don’t know they could stop or they don’t know how to.

There are folks who never needed them. A medical professional talked them into taking them and no one talked them out of it. Or they shopped around until they found a doctor willing to sign a prescription, thinking that pills were the answer.

If you think antidepressants are as awesome as I do, then this abuse should tick you off. I’m not mad at the users or the doctors, but the whole damn system.

Sure, there are always going to be people taking these things when they don’t need to. You can’t eliminate that.

But, as a society, we sure as hell could reduce it.

For most of you, drugs are not the only answer. They may be part of the solution. Or they may be unnecessary.

Just know that functioning well is more than chemistry.

If you’re struggling, then talk to a medical professional. All I ask is that you find one who looks beyond drugs for the answer.

Most of the good ones will tell you to try meditation. After all, it’s proven to reduce stress. Forget the other benefits – that alone makes it restorative to your body and mind.

And if you’re going to do that, then take it seriously. Be as serious about meditation as this guide is irreverent.

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