Applied Neuroscience Secrets of Ancient Mystics

Applied Neuroscience Secrets of Ancient Mystics

The power of meditation is the power of your mind. It trains useful mental skills that lie at the heart of everything you do.

For example, focus.

Learn to do that and nothing won’t become easier.

For example…

If you want techniques that improve your memory, the best place to turn to is the latest neuroscience research.

The second best place is a book by William Walker Atkinson.

Memory: How to Develop, Train and Use It is over a hundred years old. It is remarkably timeless, though. Not everything that he wrote still holds true… but most of it does.

A hundred years ago, they knew a lot less about how the brain works. You’d be surprised by how much they knew about using it, though. Atkinson drew on the techniques and traditions of ancient cultures.

And many ancient cultures knew a lot about maximising their memory.

Before the printing press, books were written by hand. If you owned a library, it meant you were rich. If you were lucky enough to be literate, the best most people could hope for is to borrow books.

And if you have to give books back after a week or so…

Well, you’d better memorise as much as possible. Otherwise, you’re just wasting your time.

That’s not even mentioning cultures that memorise their holy texts. These people need to be word-perfect with long, complex writings.

You can’t do that without solid memory skills.

So the brain may have been a black box to them. But they sure knew how to wield it.

The arts of memory require dedicated training in a range of techniques. But there’s one principle that you need to master before you can even begin:

You can’t make a good copy of a bad recording.

If you’re not paying attention, then it doesn’t matter how good your memory is. If you walk through life in a mental haze, then you won’t notice anything. And if you don’t notice something, you won’t remember it.

Focus is important. It’s the first step in all mental processes. If you don’t pay attention to something, you won’t remember it, learn it, appreciate it…

The list goes on.

Through meditation, you learn to still your mind and focus on what’s in front of you. Master this and nothing else, and your memory will naturally improve. Your thoughts will organise themselves better around good copies of clear records.

And if you decide to learn memorisation techniques on top of that…

Well, who knows how far your memory will develop.

If you want to train both your focus and memory, there are dozens of self-hypnosis techniques you can apply. For anyone with experience meditating, you’ll find these both easy and captivating. If you have struggled with meditation in the past, this might be the approach you’re looking for.

You can learn all about self-hypnosis from the ground up here:

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