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How much can happen in 60 minutes?

Much more than you think.

If they’re the right minutes… more than what can happen in years.

You are ready to change… but change doesn’t come so easily. You can’t choose to let go of your problems, the way your hand can let go of a ball.

If it were that easy, you would have done it already.

Deep, lasting change isn’t something you choose to do, the way you can choose a shirt from your wardrobe. You cultivate it, the way a gardener cultivates a flower from the soil.

You get the conditions right and let the growth happen.

If you’ve tried to transform and it didn’t work, then maybe it’s time to stop ‘trying’ with your conscious mind and start changing with your unconscious.

What I Do

I’m a hypnotist, which means I work with your unconscious mind to resolve blocks and create change at an unconscious level.

With my guidance, you’ll experience a state of mind deep enough for you to let go and embrace something new.

New habits, new outlooks, new thoughts – a new life.

While some hypnotists train for a few months, I trained for over three years. If I only count live courses, I’ve learned from five of the most talented and experienced hypnosis trainers in the world. I’ve invested tens of thousands of dollars in courses and flown across the world four times – all to bring the best skills that I can to you.

I have hundreds of hours of experience, working with real people to resolve real challenges.

Above all, I have a burning desire to help you become your best version of yourself.

With all that on your side, you can’t lose.

How I Work

With the Neural Reset – an experience of deep release within the mind and body – you pay by the session.

For everything else?

I have no interest in selling you ‘a program’. I want you to get results, whatever that takes.

If you get what you desire in one session – and most of you will – great!

If it takes more than that… also great! We’ll have as many sessions as you need to change forever.

For your comfort and convenience, I work online. All you need is a camera, a microphone, a screen, speakers and an internet connection. If you have a smartphone, you have all those.

4 Levels of Transformation

I like to think of change as coming in 4 sorts, each at a different level:

Level 1 – Overcome something that holds you back. This is about removing something that doesn’t serve you – whether that’s a thought, a habit or something much deeper.

It’s amazing what a good night’s sleep can do. Listing all the benefits would take you all day.

Improved focus, memory and emotional stability.

Greater physical wellness.

More energy, clarity and drive.

Releasing old emotional blocks.

What if you could capture all that, in a fraction of the time? What if you could learn to reset and refresh your mind, better than sleep, in minutes?

And what if you supercharge your creativity as well?

Now let me ask you this – how much time and money do you spend trying to destress?

Really think about that.

Some of you go through a bottle of wine every week (or maybe every day) just to take the edge off.

Some of you gamble.

But even “cheaper” coping mechanisms still come at a cost. Do you spend hours a day zoned out on the couch watching TV?

Or browsing social media – letting the tech giants warp your mental health, just so they can advertise to you?

Even if you’re not paying for it… you’re still paying for it.

How much better would life be if you just spent an hour training yourself to deeply relax – maybe once a week, maybe every month or so – however often you need it.

To get the benefits of a good night’s sleep – without drugs, wacky gizmos, wackier sleep schedules or struggling to fall asleep.

To be clear, the Neural Reset doesn’t replace sleep – it supplements it. By entering into a deep altered state of conscious, your mind is free to let go, reenergise itself, and reconnect your mind and body.

I use this everyday on myself to tap into my own creativity, enthusiasm and drive.

This is one good thing you can never have too much of.

Sign up for a session for AU$195 or three sessions for AU$330.

I’m sure you know hypnosis can help you quit smoking. It can remove cravings, bolster your willpower and even (if you want) make cigarettes taste revolting to you.

It turns out hypnosis can do even more than that.

For instance, it can help you stay smoke-free for life.


In these sessions, you’ll learn how to:

  • Defeat the usual stressors and triggers that beat you in the past,
  • Replace the smoking habit with something healthier,
  • Live your life – including socialising and working as usual – without slipping into old patterns,
  • Turn critics and saboteurs in your life into your smoke-free champions.

This program runs as long as it needs to, so you can trial the results in the real world and tweak it as needed. This is why my results are guaranteed – if you find they stop working in the future, reach out to me and we’ll rectify it together.

How quickly will you save the cost of this program? If you smoke a pack a day, you’ll save money after a little more than a month – so join now for for AU$899 when you book your first session below.

I hear it all the time:

“I sleep so well after a session of hypnosis!”

Yep, me too. Whether I spent the night tossing and turning, or whether I fall into a deep, restful sleep, often depends on you much trance I got the day before.

What is the feeling of good rest worth to you?

Sign up for a session for AU$489 – and remember, my results are guaranteed.

Often feeling anxious? You don’t have to. 

You even learn strategies to centre and ground yourself… that you can use anywhere. 

You can defuse anxiety on the bus, in a meeting or lying in bed.

I don’t need to tell you what that level of self-mastery will mean for you. Certainly more than a couple of bucks a day, I bet…

Here’s how it works:

Fear is a natural response to danger. It charges up your body and mind to prepare for action.

Dread is useful (although unpleasant) when something terrifying is coming up.

They are your mind preparing you for a specific challenge.

Anxiety, though?

Anxiety doesn’t have a specific target. It’s a general sense of fear that lingers, permeating into the background of your life.

It fires you up for a threat that isn’t there.

I know how draining this can be – to always feel on edge, not able to properly relax and enjoy a moment.

Think of all the things you’ve missed out on because you held yourself back.

The promotions you didn’t ask for…

The dates you never went on…

The priceless moments with friends and family you couldn’t fully enjoy…

… what is all of that worth to you? Really – if you had to put a dollar value on it, what does it cost you?

With the Alleviate Anxiety program, you retrain your mind with hypnosis to let go of anxiety. You can relearn how to rest, to be present, to feel your body unwind and your mind recover. In these sessions, you engage and reprogram emotional states directly.


All you need to do is sign up for your for the program for AU$980 total. Like all my programs, my results are guaranteed – and it only costs you a flat fee, when you sign up below.

Unsure what you want? No worries – simply book a consultation below and we’ll discuss your options.

Note that I ask for a deposit first. I don’t want to waste your time, so this ensures you’re serious. However it won’t cost you anything. If you sign up for a session, I’ll treat the consultation fee as a deposit. If (after the consultation) you decide I’m not right for you, let me know and I’ll refund every last dollar.

Either way, it’ll only cost you time. Given what’s at stake, there’s nothing to lose except your struggles.

Level 2 – Move forward towards something you want. You know what’s missing yet, for some reason, you can’t bring yourself to get it.

Maybe you want to start a business… but a fear of failure holds you back.

Maybe you want to find true love… but, deep down, you doubt whether that even exists.

Sometimes, you have to make a decision… and a list of pros and cons just won’t cut it.

Maybe you have multiple job offers to choose from.

Or you don’t know whether to start a business or go back to school.

Other times, you’ve made the decision… and something holds you back. A classic one I see with entrepreneurs is they love their business and can work on it for hours… but they struggle to sell themselves.

When you’re standing at a crossroads or on the threshold of something huge, taking a step is often harder than it could be.

If something in your unconscious muddies the water and makes your next move unclear, I can help you resolve it. With your new clarity, making the best choice becomes so easy.

Breathe easy and step forward.

How much time and energy will you save, once you stop hesitating and second-guessing yourself? What else can you do with your time that’s better than rehashing the same arguments in your head?

Book your first session for AU$810 below and get clear about your future.

Level 3 – Generating something out of what you already have. Sometimes, you know that something is missing, but you’re not entirely sure what.

It’s like your higher purpose is calling you, but you can’t quite make out the words.

Learn how to see yourself and the world in new ways, shed your limitations, find your purpose in life and explore the deepest, wisest parts of your mind.

  • Never be far from growth with 28 hypnotic coaching calls over 6 months
  • Reprogram your unconscious mind on the go with personalised audio programs
  • Constantly evolve your capability with free, lifetime access to my digital products and books
  • Bring out your untapped abilities to learn, read people, think creatively, relax deeply and work at a higher level for longer than you thought possible.
  • Never be far from growth with 15 hypnotic coaching calls over 6 months
  • Reprogram your unconscious mind on the go with hypnotic audio programs
  • Continue evolving with bonus books and courses specially chosen for you
  • Bring out your untapped abilities to learn, read people, think creatively, relax deeply and work at a higher level for longer than you thought possible.
  • Never be far from growth with 10 hypnotic coaching calls over 4 months
  • Bring out your untapped abilities to learn, read people, think creatively, relax deeply and work at a higher level for longer than you thought possible.

Level 4 – Achieve the impossible. I don’t mean flying on broomsticks; I mean doing things that someone might be able to do but, when you tell people you’ll achieve this, they give you the strangest look.

This isn’t just for stuff that’ll change your life – it’s for stuff that’ll change the world.

Level 4 coaching is available by invitation only.

Your next steps

Sign up for a session like so:

  1. Choose the date and time for your first session using the calendar below. Note: the times are in the Canberra time zone, which is AEST (GMT+10). Make your adjustments accordingly.
  2. Pay a deposit of AU$110.
  3. Fill out the form to select what session you want. Fill in all information and follow all instructions.

All sessions are held online. You will need a camera, microphone and internet connection.


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