Do you ever get the feeling a deadline is right behind you?

In the April issue of Phronesis Accelerator, you will learn:

  • What on Earth I mean by ‘canaries’… and how it could change how you see all your problems,
  • Five things you can do to turn your weaknesses into strengths,
  • Why what most folks do – attack or retreat – is pig-headed and wrong… and what to do instead,
  • The secret to taming your inner wild child and out-of-control puppy,
  • The blood-curdling insult that’ll change your life,
  • How the items on your desk can salvage your ego in minutes a day,
  • An unusual (and therefore useful) take on where your anxiety comes from – and what to do about it,
  • Three signs that your issue isn’t worth resolving – and that you’ll be happier and healthier with it,
  • A depraved activity that can resolve old emotional wounds while doing something naughty,
  • How to be less evil and more helpful, while earning your money,
  • What emotions really are, since they’re not something you are, have or even feel.

You have maybe an hour to sign up from when I sent this, depending on how organised I am…

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