The archeology of the self

Years ago, I read something about archeology that made an impression.

I read that whenever a team excavates a site, they always destroy some information forever. Sure, there are plenty of purely passive techniques – I hear they can do a lot with sonar or something.

But that only tells you so much.

And the moment you so much as touch the soil or the ruins, you’re damaging something.

That makes for a simple trade-off. You can do nothing and get nothing, or you can do something and get something. A few lost artefacts, while tragic, is the cost of doing business.

The wrinkle:

Like all sciences, archeology advances. New tools and techniques come online every year.

Which means, in theory, you could recover more information from a site by excavating it next year, not today.

Maybe I’m misremembering or flat out wrong. And I’m sure, if nothing else, I’m oversimplifying things.

But if we take this as true, what would you do about it?

Would you freeze all excavations for 20 years until the field reaches wizard-tier skillz?

Obviously not – that would only make everyone worse at digging.

You have to keep on keeping on, accepting certain risks. Maybe you defer on a particularly important site… but you’ll only build up to it by working on other sites.

In a way, the mind is the same.

Resolving your issues, facing your shadow and battling your demons is messy work. It can – and probably will – lead to some broken pottery along the way.

But that doesn’t mean you quit and live forever above the surface.

It means you start digging.

Every time you dig, you learn more about yourself… and more about how to dig.

When you start, you don’t even know where your greatest treasures are, let alone how to unearth them.

Now, you could start digging around at random. Ask any archeologist how well that works out.

It’s what I did at first.

I only made real improvements – greater self-control, more energy, vision, more happiness – once I had a guide to show me the way.

If you have superhuman patience already, take the slower path. As long as you stay on it, you’ll get to where you’re going in time.

But if you want to know where to dig, and how, to find the lost relics of your mind?

That’s where I can help.

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