What was this article supposed to be about again?

A few nights ago, I came up with an idea for a great article as I was falling asleep.

I didn’t write it down. I usually don’t need to.

But then, when I woke up, it was gone. Don’t you hate that?

Maybe it wasn’t great. Maybe I only thought it was in that mysterious pre-slumber delirium. But when I do write down ideas like that (or simply remember them) they tend to be pretty good.

Oh, well.

Luckily I have no shortage of ideas.

(Especially when I can turn this experience into an article. I’m so meta…)

Anyway, creativity is a funny thing.

How ideas come to you when your conscious mind is relaxed and unfocused, like when driving, in the shower and, yes, falling asleep.

That’s because sometimes your conscious mind needs to get out of the way.

No wonder hypnosis supercharges your creativity, then.

If your engines of creation could use a little tune-up, check out the Neural Reset. A few of those a month will revolutionise how easily ideas come to you.

You can book one in right here:


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