Attract clients in your sleep

Many folks who sell transformation – coaches, hypnotherapists, trainers, consultants and the like – prefer to market themselves in person.

It makes sense. They do what they do in person, so why wouldn’t the marketing live there too?

If that works out, great.

But I hear the same complaints over and over:

“It doesn’t scale.”

“I need to be ‘on’ all the time to attract clients.”

“If I take a week off, my business dries up.”

“I want to take my business and marketing online.”

“My ideal clients might not live in my zipcode – how can I reach them?”

That’s where digital marketing can help.

With the right emails, articles, videos and tweets, you can take yourself out of some of your marketing. Do that and you attract clients in your sleep.

It probably wouldn’t replace your face-to-face client strategies – although it could.

But does it have to?

Wouldn’t it be enough to give your marketing a little help?

Here’s the thing, though…

You can learn some basic tips. That’ll stop you making some obvious mistakes, which will help.

But it takes months of dedication and practice to even get okay at it.

And selling a high-end service like you do has its own unique quirks and foibles.

That’s why I wrote Selling Transformation. I assume you have a coaching, hypnotherapy or similar business… but not a lot of marketing knowledge. Starting from the fundamentals and moving into more advanced stuff, I share techniques and principles that’ll work wonderfully with your business.

With 52 chapters, I cover a lot. I won’t insult your mathematical ability by pointing out you could focus on each chapter for a week, building your marketing over the course of a year.

Plus, it has a few ready-to-use (and free-to-use) examples, samples, templates and formulas.

Rather than spending years learning marketing… then years experimenting with how it can work in your business…

Get your focused, tailored education now:

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