How to forget to crave junk food

How to forget to crave junk food

Here’s a nice side effect for you. Imagine you’re reorganising your thoughts from the ground up. You are releasing old emotions and scars from your childhood. You’re calmer, more focused and less rattled by nonsense. Energy – real energy, not caffeine adrenaline shakes – fills your entire body.

Nothing feels the same. Even boring, familiar things like queuing seem so much more interesting.

After a few days of enjoying this, you notice something intriguing:

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Watch me drunkenly refute my narcissism

Watch me drunkenly refute my narcissism

After writing about why guided meditations are a waste of time, I received this delightful comment on LinkedIn:

“I am guessing you are a narcissist… the whole “everyone should do what I think” mentality is all over this article.”

Oh, thank goodness! I haven’t been accused of narcissism in a long time. I was starting to think I was doing something wrong.

Anyway, I just spend the afternoon drinking with psychologists. Based on what I learned today while knocking back beer, I’m not a narcissist. I’m nothing more than your garden variety arrogant jerk.

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Why guided meditations aren’t worth listening to

Why guided meditations aren’t worth listening to

Let this be a riddle for you. There’s something like guided meditation only it’s better than it. No matter how you define “better,” this is it. It’s faster, more effective, easier and more versatile.

Oh, and it works with more people. This will help you even if you “can’t meditate.”

It’s so good I recommend you stop listening to guided meditations. You’re wasting your time compared to this.

Delete that Spotify playlist, uninstall your meditation app and focus on nothing else.

I’m not talking about visualisation, yoga or anything else trendy. All I’m talking about is something that truly works.

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Why you don’t hate anyone and you never have

Why you don’t hate anyone and you never have

I’ve been dabbling in metta meditation recently. I haven’t changed my opinion – also known as lovingkindness meditation, it remains one of the finest things you can do with your mind. The results you can get in just a few weeks are indescribable.

If you did nothing else – no self-hypnosis, no other meditation – you’d become a happier, healthier, amazing person in a few months.

I should know. After a recent revelation with it, I’ve felt pretty amazing.

The culmination of metta meditation is when you wish good things for your enemies. You certainly don’t start there. You practice expressing pure, selfless, benevolent kindness to people you like. When you can do that, you move onto strangers. Only then do you dip your toes in loving your enemies.

It’s a strange idea to many people, especially in the West. I don’t know why. It’s nothing Jesus didn’t also say, even as he was being executed.

I think it’s because people get the wrong idea with it.

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When realism is irrational

When realism is irrational

You could divide the world into optimists, realists and pessimists. I mean, I don’t recommend it – that’d be chaos. Nothing would get done in pessimist territory, but the optimist zone might be worse…

Okay, okay. You could classify each person into one of those three categories. Optimists see the bright side of things. Pessimists see the shadow from every light. Realists assess each situation on its merits.

Only one of those groups is unbiased. Realists must outwit, outperform and outdo the others, right?

Ah, if only a simple flirtation with rationality gave you such power.

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What every cat can do that I can’t

What every cat can do that I can’t

You know what’s weirdly unnerving? Looking up at the sky. I don’t mean lying on the grass with a sense of perfect tranquillity. I mean, while standing, pulling your head back and gazing at the clouds above.

So far back you can’t see anything near you.

Especially if there are people around.

Looking up can make you feel vulnerable because you are. An ancient instinct warns you not to pull your sight from the world around you. There are no dangers in the sky, but there are plenty around you.

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When discipline is easy

When discipline is easy

We’re approaching New Years’ Eve – the time of setting goals. Does that fill you with excitement – the thought of a fresh start? Or does it remind you how you struggle to achieve things? Are you indifferent about change or are you driven to rise even further?

Discipline – it’s something we could all use a little more of. We see the self-starters every day – the ones who hit the gym, work on their businesses and invest in their education. They make discipline look easy.

What if it is easy, though?

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The Complete Guide to Improving Your Energy and Mood

The Complete Guide to Improving Your Energy and Mood

Oooh, now there’s a big claim. Yes, I’m about to share with you the complete list of ways to sparkle with energy and vitality. I like aiming high and delivering, so here we go.

And if I’m wrong, call me out on it. If there’s something that isn’t a subset or rewording of what I have below, let me know. I’ll give you a prize if you do – and give you full credit when I update the list to include it.

(Drugs don’t count.)

Are you excited? Not gonna lie – this reads better if you’re at least a little excited.

Here we go…

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Why I love dream logic

Why I love dream logic

I’m the sort of person who remembers their dreams. The more intense my day goes, the more likely I’ll entertain myself through sleep. But I’m not a lucid dreamer – I’m happy to sit back and go with the flow.

One of my favourite things about dreams is just how open you are to everything. I call it dream logic, because it certainly isn’t normal logic. The weirdest things happen yet you’re never confused – not for long, at least.

I’ve had dreams where I was speaking to my grandmother and suddenly I’m talking to my best friend. “Hang on,” I’d say, “weren’t you just…?”

“Yeah,” my friend would say, “that’s because I have a puppy. See?”

“Oh. That makes sense.”

That’s dream logic. No matter what happens, it makes sense.

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