Do you automatically improve every day?

Improving your life – whether physically, financially, spiritually, mentally or socially – takes time and dedicated effort.

It involves careful planning, advanced training and lots of introspection.

It’s a long, gruelling slog.


Surely it must be…

But what would it look like if it wasn’t?

You could wake up each morning and go through your day without thinking about it. Then, by the time your head hit the pillow again, you’re a better person.

Healthier, richer and more fulfilled.

Impossible, right?

Not only is it possible, it’s easy.

Someone who hits the gym every day before work is going to get stronger and healthier. Assuming they’re not breaking themselves on the equipment or something. Obvious exceptions aside, it’ll happen.

Same with someone who spends sensibly, works hard and keeps an eye out for opportunities. Barring bad luck, they’ll start accumulating wealth.

That might sound difficult to you.

Like every day must be a struggle.

For these folk, though?

They’ll simply shrug and get back to it.

Everything is hard until it becomes a habit. Then it becomes normal. In time, it becomes easier to do what you need to than not.

Because it all comes down to habits.

Which habits, you ask?

Well, here’s 60 excellent ones to get you started:

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