Avoid horrible hallucinations this Halloween

Avoid horrible hallucinations this Halloween

You know what they say about abysses and what happens when you stare into them. The mind’s the same way, so why not use Halloween as an excuse to take a peek.

Go on, you know you want to…

Why is now the perfect time to dive into hardcore meditation?

Because mind training is terrifying.

All the ghouls and goblins don’t have anything on what’s inside your unconscious. Your mind is full of twisting, wriggling thoughts that you just aren’t ready for. Deep enough meditation turns off the safety, pulls back the veil and exposes what’s there.

I wouldn’t describe this as a jump scare. It’s more of a creeping existential horror – the kind that shatters your sanity. I’m not joking. Side effects include personality changes, mood swings and hallucinations.

It won’t always go that way, though. One of two things will keep your sanity intact. The first is keeping your meditation shallow, not doing much more than basic mindfulness stuff. You can do this and get a lot out of the practice, so that’s what most people do.

The second approach?

Well, that allows you to go deep and fast into your own mind. You reach a level of inner awareness that monks would be happy with. And it’s the depths at which some people lose their grip on their reality.

But you won’t – not if you follow the right advice.

The difference between meditating and going off the rails is in the quality of your teacher. If you can find a good meditation coach – and I mean a proper good one who knows this stuff – then do what they say.

If it turns out they’re rare as sobriety at Halloween…

Well, then do what I say. You’ll expand your mind without losing your marbles.

You’re just a few clicks away from a roadmap through the abyss:


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