Elite Mind-Training Secrets of Business Leaders, Stanford and Shamans

Rewind the clock and I was a tenth of the man I am now.

A few years ago, I was miserable. I knew I was special – at least, it felt that way. It was as if I could almost glimpse my potential…

And it frustrated me. It seemed forever out of reach.

I was single, while all these boring jerks around me had girlfriends.

I hated my job, even though I was smarter and more capable than most people around me.

Life was a long, irritating grind. Whatever my purpose was, I knew I wasn’t living it.

It wasn’t as bad as it might sound. I had friends and family, plus enough money to entertain myself.

But I felt invisible. Unremarkable.

I knew I couldn’t endure that forever, so I took responsibility. I decided to focus on what I had with me: my mind. Improve that, I knew, and everything else would change.

Fast forward to the present…

Literally everything in my life is better. I not only have more friends, I have deeper friendships. Instead of ignoring me as I walk down the street, people gaze my way. (And, no, it’s not from wearing a suit or having a strange pair of glasses – it’s all my state of mind.)

I haven’t been single in a long time, I earn more money at a job I love and I know my purpose now.

Plus I’m thinner, healthier and better looking than I was ten years ago.

Every one of these changes happened the same way: I trained my mind to be faster, happier, more imaginative and bursting with confidence.

Everything in your life flows downhill from your thinking. Become worthy of the life you want and you’ll start to create it before you. I can’t guarantee you won’t have setbacks. All I know for sure is without changing your inner world, you’ll follow the same patterns… with the same results.

Change the pattern and you’ll really start to see the benefits.

The Only Real Answers on How to Improve Your Life

What advice would people give you about strengthening your mind?

Depends on who they are… but they’re probably way off the mark.

If you ask people in your life, they’ll probably point you towards brain-training games. I’ll admit that those games are pretty fun. But do they strengthen your mind?

Stanford University says no. They say it quite emphatically.

Do brain-training games make you smarter? Well, they make you better at solving the games. Beyond that, they have no effect.

If only it were that easy. Ten minutes of computer games a day? It’s funny how that sounds too good to be true.

Turns out, it is.

Turns out that, if you want to improve your mind and your life, you have to work at it.

I’m not saying it won’t be fun. But it will require more dedication than fiddling with an app.

What does work, according to Stanford?

If you want to improve your memory, don’t play games.


Go outside and socialise.


Spend time in the garden.

Listen to inspiring music and enjoy beautiful sunsets.

This advice is not glamorous, mystical or cutting edge, but it works.

If you asked a business leader about mind training, they’ll turn your attention inwards. Successful artists, athletes, CEOs, coaches and leaders usually have some sort of meditation practice.

You don’t get to the top of your field without mastering your inner game.

What if you asked a shaman how to strengthen your mind? They would tell you a lot about spirit quests, communing with the ancestors and other supernatural solutions.

Science doesn’t agree with these on a literal level. On a psychological level, though, there’s a lot that anyone would recognise as true.

If you see beneath the mysticism, then you’ll see familiar things: daydreaming, affirmations, meditation, visualisation…

Shamanism is a lot less exotic than it seems.

In fact, what shamans call ‘communing with spirits’ is known to science by a different name: hypnosis.

Simple, Unsophisticated Mind-Training that Works

If you combine all of this, then the best mind-training involves two things:

  • Living your life,
  • Directing your attention inwards.

This is the Awakened Thought approach. It combines guided meditation and other hypnotic techniques with life strategies you can apply immediately.

What can sustained hypnosis and meditation do for you? Over a yearlong subscription, you’ll:

  • enhance your success and happiness by making people addicted to your presence,
  • gain the skill that Einstein credited for his success (hint: it’s not intelligence),
  • stop wasteful spending by finding your purpose and eliminating the urge to commit ‘retail therapy,’
  • get more done to a higher standard, while feeling less stress,
  • improve your mood, mental power, verbal fluency and memory,
  • leap out of bed every morning, eager to pursue your life’s purpose,
  • learn the secrets behind learning,
  • influence people in ethical and effective ways,
  • resolve painful emotions, no matter how long you’ve carried them,
  • protect your mental health against any and all challenges to it,
  • improve on what you’re doing well (and what you’re not),
  • understand the science behind motivation, success, good health and more,
  • unlock health, energy and youthful vitality (no matter what your body does),
  • become a rock star in your field… and have fun doing it, too,
  • use what you have to out-think “smarter” people,
  • reduce tiredness and stress the natural, sustainable way,
  • overcome the ONE THING that’s keeping you from your dreams,
  • resolve the inner demons that sabotage your attempts at success,
  • become more effective, creative, intelligent and flexible (even as you rest),
  • enhance your every skill and desired attribute through ‘mental cross-training’,
  • choose to feel great and invite more joy into your life,
  • relax deeply while keeping your productivity high,
  • understand how to absorb lessons where it matters – at the deepest level of your mind,
  • build your mind in convenient and fun ways,
  • finally take action and keep going, no matter what!

If this sounds like a tall order, then know that I’m understating the benefits. Hypnosis works with your inner mind – the part of you where the problems (and solutions) lie.

Here’s the thing – you already know most of the secrets to a good life. Some are simple, like eat right and exercise.

But how many people do these? There’s a difference between knowing the answers and living them.

With hypnosis, you collapse that difference. You can live as you intend to live. And, along the way, you will learn new ways to express your highest self.

The days of you not being enough are over.

A New Mind-Training Program Every Month

The bottom line: this subscription gives you rapid, targeted change through exercise and recovery of your mental machinery.

And you can access it immediately.

An Awakened Thought subscription is like having a personal trainer for your mind. The best mind training awaits for you each month.

Each issue includes:

  • A Newsletter, containing
    • both practical advice and underlying principles. Whether you like to get your hands dirty or prefer the bigger picture, each issue meets your learning style,
    • self-hypnosis exercises that bypass your obstacles and release your potential,
    • scientific research describing how (and why) you can enrich your life,
    • strategies for avoiding the common pitfalls,
    • a customisable study plan that leaves you in control of your learning,
  • Hypnotic Guided Meditations, to upgrade your abilities as easily as falling asleep,
  • Exclusive discounts for other products.

Not to mention a few unadvertised bonuses here and there.

What will this incredible membership cost?

Before I answer that, here’s one more bonus:

If you subscribe now, you will get a copy of the first edition as my gift to youDo you want to form deeper relationships with people? Or simply more of them? This first edition is all about the art and science of connection. It’s full of ideas, practical tips and stories to quickly and easily boost your charisma. As a thank you for becoming a subscriber, it’s yours.

And all of the above, for only $29 per issue. That’s less than you spend numbing yourself with distractions.

Lose your pain, lose your vices and this program will pay for itself.

And the benefits don’t stop with money. Follow this program even for a month and you’ll start to notice the difference. Because each month focuses on a specific topic, you’ll always know what you can work on.

Not to mention the dozens of hypnotic audios. These enhanced guided meditations give you full control over what you learn and how deep you go.

Structure and autonomy, each and every month.

It has to be that way – it’s how you access all that potential you know you have. More of your best self can shine through more often. All it takes is practice – the right sort of practice.

And you’ll be surprised how often people notice – really notice – how much energy, focus and charisma you have. All from a few simple (and powerful) exercises strengthening the right parts of your brain.

You won’t find another mind training program this effective, this flexible, targeting so many areas of your life, for this price. You can join immediately using the button below.

To your lifelong growth,

William Batten

P.S. I stand by the quality of this product. I also know that life happens. That is why there are no lock-in contracts or cancellation fees. If you want to cancel your subscription - at any time or for any reason - you can do so immediately. After that, there’s nothing more required from you.



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