Hypnotic Guided Meditations

Hey there, reader,

You’re looking at the Awakened Thought bonus – my Hypnotic Guided Meditation Library. I used to charge money for people to access it, but I didn’t like walling off so much stuff behind a paywall. 

So I tore down the wall and set the inmates loose.

You can download these for your personal use at no cost. No sign up required – though if you do sign up, you’ll get some neat bonuses on top of these. 

I write a lot and have recorded a lot. Have anything you’d like me to write about? Have anything you’d like more or less of in your life? Send me an email – if you’re on my email list, I’ll consider recording a hypnotic guided meditation for you. And everyone else in your situation.

There’s a lot here, so take your time and read everything carefully.

Then grab what stands out and listen even more carefully.

This could be the beginning of something incredible.


William T Batten

Hypnotic Guided Meditations Library

Do NOT listen to these audios while driving or operating heavy machinery. They are hypnotic in nature and require your FULL attention.

Abundance (5 files)

Appreciate the rich world of opportunities around you and you’ll become more successful in life.

Always be Serene (1 file)

Abandon thoughts of anger, sadness and frustration. Replace with with unshakeable calmness and peace.

Break the Seal (5 files)

Inside your mind lies vast pools of potential. Access more of your inner genius by breaking the seal in your mind.

Celebrate (1 file)

Finding reasons to feel good primes your mind for greater success.

Confidence (5 files)

Access a natural state of pure radiant confidence.

Curious Attention (5 files)

Intelligence is about seeing the world for what it is (and how it could be). These audios train your mind to become playful and observant.

Dream Play (1 file)

Use sleep to restore you as well as invite greater ideas and insights.

Energy (3 files)

More energy waits for you when you learn to think more effective and efficiently.

Experience Trance (1 file)

Enter a trance state and experience what hypnosis can do for you.

Find Your Rhythm (3 files)

When you find your rhythm, you enter a flow state. From there, you become happier, more productive and better able to meet life’s challenges.

Hypnotic Reset (1 file)

Remove the effects of a suggestion (hypnotic or otherwise) by listening to this audio.

Joyful Living (2 files)

Radiate happiness, joy and optimism.

Lost Memory (1 file)

Open your mind to rediscover something you may have lost in the past.

Metta Meditation (1 file)

Experience joy, health and a new outlook on life when you learn to see others with lovingkindness.

New Thoughts (3 files)

Become unstuck by opening your mind to new ideas and possibilities.

Overcome Doubt (1 file)

Strive forward with greater confidence, knowing you can handle any obstacle in your way.

Relax (1 file)

Recharge your batteries and let your body replenish itself.

Sleep (1 file)

Listen to this as you fall asleep for even better rest. For even greater results, use this and the Sleep Well System – available as part of Monster Mind Edukare

Strong Physical Health (1 file)

Invoke the principle behind the placebo effect to help improve your body’s healing mechanisms.

Supercharged Magnetism (5 files)

Unleash your richest personality and attract worthwhile people into your life.

Wealthy Mindset (2 files)

Think the way truly rich people do to discover more wealth, energy, romance and opportunities.

Like these hypnotic guided meditations? Please pay whatever you think they’re worth.


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