The badass grandma of all lifehacks

Have you ever read a lifehack?

“Do all your difficult tasks first thing in the morning. It makes you more productive!”

“Do your easy, fun jobs first thing. It makes you more productive!”


I’m not saying they don’t work. I’ll give them that much credit – follow their advice and you can boost your productivity…


See, all productivity hacks have two things in common:

They promise to give you more time each day, and

They’re all wrong about it.

The worst hacks give you advice like sleep an hour less. Sure, you’re already sleep deprived to the point of collapse, so what’s a little more?

The best hacks involve rearranging your day. That can help – the less you jump about between tasks, the better off you are.

And I like to write when my writing flows easiest.

But none of them actually deliver on the promise of “more time”.

I know, I know. There are 24 hours each day – it’s not like someone could literally add an extra couple into the mix, short of time travel or flying to another timezone.

You can do the next best thing, though:

You can add more time to each day by reprogramming the way psychological time flows for you.

We’ve all had experiences where time races by, like while having an amazing conversation.

And we’ve all watched the clock slowly tick, like while waiting for something.

It seems like the choice is to have fun or slow down time.

But that’s not so. You can, in fact, slow down time, get more done in your day and feel more rested at the end… without having to spend the whole time queueing.


You can learn it all with the simply-named Create More Time program – module 13 of 19 in Monster Mind Edukaré:

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