Balance Nothing with Everything for Captivating Writing

Balance Nothing with Everything for Captivating Writing

One of the points I keep making is that, as a hypnotist, you already have elite marketing skills. It’s simply a matter of applying them in a different context.

Well, I say ‘simply’. That can be more challenging than it seems. I’ve spent a lot of time and money figuring out how to transfer the skills from one to the other.

But trust me – you have a head start over layfolk.

Because there are two things that come naturally to you. They seem like opposites, until you begin to use them. With a bit of clever skill, you forge these two elements of writing into a single piece of work.

When you do that, you’ll notice something:

People will start to like your writing.

Maybe you’ll be in a room with friends and one of them mentions your sales letter. Or perhaps you’ll start to accumulate online followers.

You build your brand, then you create fans – people hungry to consume whatever you produce.

People say that writing on a subject makes you an authority on it. It does, but not if no one reads it. When your writing captivates your audience, they’ll respect you.

Best of all, they’ll buy from you.

When you carve your words on the ether of the internet, it’s there for all to see. If you pitch your ideas well, then you have most of what you need right there.

The first of these elements to master is being artfully vague. Erickson loved doing this, and it’s clear why. Being too specific gives something that people can deny.

There’s a principle in marketing that says your audience is looking for any reason – any at all – to walk away from your sales letter.

So say nothing… but say enough nothing to keep them hooked.

The second element is to get specific. Include rich sensory details – which, again, is something Erickson did well.

Classic hypnotic patter, like:

“You can begin to notice the chair beneath you, and the temperature of the room, as you continue breathing in your own way”

says nothing and everything at once. There’s no content in it… except what the subject projects. And what they create for themselves is always more powerful than what you can say.

It offers nothing objectionable, and it draws attention to the senses.

It’s great hypnosis and, you know what? It’s great marketing too.

I’ll leave figuring out what to write as an exercise for you. Here’s a couple of nuggets to get started:

“You can look forward to looking in the mirror and being proud of what you see.”

“Have more of those moments when everything feels amazing.”

“How much better will the sound of your child’s laughter be, knowing you’ll be around longer?”

Making empty yet rich statements is easier than you think.

How much do you enjoy writing? I ask because learning this stuff is easier when you like it.

If you don’t, though?

Well, life’s too short to mess around with that.

Kick back and rest, even as the writing takes care of itself.

It really can be as easy as that. How? Read on, my friend, and you’ll learn how:

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