When Barbershop Logic doesn’t hold

Stop me if you’ve heard this riddle before:

You move to a small town with two barbers. One has immaculate hair – perfectly trimmed, styled, coloured, greased and plucked.

The other looks like he picked a fight with a lawnmower, then picked a fight with a flamethrower.

Who do you go to for your haircuts?

The answer to the riddle is to pick the one with the awful hair. Since barbers don’t cut their own hair, they must have been the one behind the amazing haircut.

Now, is this just a toy scenario?

Can you apply this in real life or is it too simplistic?

I don’t know.

All I know is even if it makes sense, folk won’t follow this tactic. They’ll go for the well-groomed barber nine times out of ten.

Seeing is believing. Thinking about who cuts whose hair is too abstract to influence gut reactions. All he see is nice hair, so they must be skilled.

Think about how this applies to your career and lifestyle.

If you’re a financial planner, do you look like you have your finances together? Or do you look poor?

If you’re a personal trainer, do you look lean, strong and flexible? Or sickly, unfit and stiff?

When you try to have a sense of confidence, do your hands secretly quiver?

It’s not fair, I know. The portly personal trainer might be a genius in physiology and motivation. Maybe they’re out of shape because they’re recovering from an injury.

Doesn’t matter though. Folk’ll see a lack of fitness and that’s about it.

There’s only so much you can control about how you look.

But it’s way more than you might think.

Even a financial desperate person can exude an aura of wealth.

Even a sickly dude can appear strong and energetic.

There are tactics you can learn to fake it. Then all you have to do is simultaneously monitor and adjust a thousand techniques while somehow having a conversation. And doing your job.

Easy, right?

Maybe not…

Then I guess the only option is to learn these things unconsciously.

But if it’s unconscious, then where do you begin?

Why, you begin right here. And once you know how to do this, everything will be different for you.

Keep reading to see how:


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